He Likes to Move It Move It!

For all my fellow mommy-to-be readers, I’m sure you can relate. People always say that feeling your baby move inside of you is the most amazing feeling in the world. I can say that this is true. You get to feel another human inside. The truth of the matter though, is that it is also one of the most disturbing and unpleasant feelings. Yes you get to be amazed by this tiny human but there is pain involved. It gives you heart burn, makes you really have to pee, and those little butterflies like to appear at the worst times. Time to lay down and go to bed? Oh guess I’ll be up another hour while he decides to move around and be playful. In the car trying to stay calm before an appointment? Oh gosh he’s kicking and guess what, it hurts!

When I first started feeling him I was so happy that I’d cry. Now I try to get everyone else to feel it. It truly is a blessing. The more a baby is moving, the healthier he is I feel. There is always that underlying worry that maybe he’s not okay but then I feel the little guy move and my worries drift away.

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