I Just Want to Take a Bath! + First Blog Like

The other day, a friend of mine and I were talking about what I would do special for myself once Caleb (my son) is born and no longer dependent upon being in my stomach. At that moment I realized something very pathetic. The only plans I had for myself were taking care of him. Bathing him, raising him, and helping him grow up super healthy and smart. Which of course I AM going to do, it’s the most important thing I will be doing, but where does that leave me? For nine months of carrying this being what have I really done for myself? Well, now why can’t I take a little time for me? Because I’m a mom, that’s why.

From there I had to think of an answer still. Something for me to do that is just for me. Later that night I was in the shower and I thought to myself, staring at the Jacuzzi right outside of the shower, gosh I wish I could take a bath. It dawned on me! There is no cost, it wont take any real time away from my son, and it’s something that would be just for me. While you are pregnant you have to stay away from the warm, relaxing bathes that you never miss until you can’t have one. So, it’s decided. Once I am healthy enough (any stitches are healed) and able to take one, I am going to take an hour or longer bath.


     NOW I have to say that logging on today was a YAY moment. Ms ferox wonderfully has liked my post about crocheted bows. It makes me want to keep going to know that at least one person has seen this blog. So thank you Ms ferox, this post’s for you!


8 thoughts on “I Just Want to Take a Bath! + First Blog Like

  1. Your so sweet. This must be fate as for these easons i set my blog up for a hobby. I have two children Blossom 7, and Bolton 2. They are my world but i’m still a human being and have my own ambitions and interests. Nothing gets compromised for them but it’s make for a healthy mind to still have yourself. Good luck with everything and i look forward to following your journey into motherhood. xxxxxx

    • Blossom and Bolton! What lovely names those are darling. It’s such a wonderful thing to hear that there are others out there who really care for their children and want to make their lives the best they can. We always need to take time for ourselves. even little things matter, like taking a nap or getting your nails painted. Thank you so much for the support. I’ll keep you updated my friend.

      • Most certainly is. I must say i always took warm bath’s in my pregnancy’s but when the babies come a quick shower is all you might have haha. Have a warm bath it wont’ hurt, just over body temperature is perfect. xxxx

      • I wish the rest of my household believed that! I can’t even get into a pool without my uncle checking the temperature. This wonderful family of mine is keeping me as by the book as they can. <3
        I'm hoping that I'll have time to myself at least a little bit when he comes :) <3

      • I’m shocked. We have water births and everything here. I’ve never heard of not having a bath. When we’re in labour midwives recommend a nice relaxing bath. There’s too much on mum to be these days. How did they cope 50 years ago eating shell fish and having baths haha xx

      • We still have water bathes but until we are ready to give birth we aren’t supposed to take one. I feel the same! Coffee is a God send! They can’t take that away from me haha. I mean, we did fine without prenatal vitamins, test after test, and yet now it’s like we’re considered evil unless we keep up with all of these things. I’m healthy, I take it easy, so why do I have to be so overly monitored!? Haha… <3

  2. I just had a baby girl she is now 7 weeks and I am so excited when I can take a 10-15 min shower with out her screaming her head off. So just a suggestion when you’re healed and want that bath make sure you have someone over who can watch your little one so you can fully enjoy it.

    • Haha! Agreed there. Thank goodness for the daddy factor. My plan? “Dad, I’m taking a bad. Take him. Entertain him. Don’t bother me.” I know what you mean though. Scheduling everything changes and you’ve really got to make the effort to schedule even little things around the little one. :) What’s her name, if I may ask?

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