Baby Shopping When You’re Broke… is Okay!

Look at this my lovely readers, two whole posts in one day! Didn’t think I had it in me…

As I made it painfully clear in the apartment post, my love and I are quite broke right now. When you’re having a child, this can really be a problem. We’re rolling with it though and we’ve realized that having to budget can be a real blessing.

When you’re having a baby, what kind of things do you need to get? Most people I’ve asked this to give me a pretty generic and extensive list that looks something like this:


-Twelve Thousand Onsies

-Swings for Every Room

-Pack and Play for Home and on the Go



     I think you get the point. It’s just a lot of everything that would be nice to have, but it’s not a need. When you are broke and buying for yourself or having family that’s not all the well off either buy got you, the first thing you need to accept is that you wont be getting a whole lot of brand new things. Guess what though, there is nothing wrong with that! Most things like bassinets and bounce seats only get a few months of use before the other baby out grows it and as long as it’s not just thrown into some dusty basement, the quality can be pristine and like new. Let me just mention, that is one of my favorite terms. Like new is like saying, “Oh we bought it but never used it.” Figuring the used aspect of an item often takes the value down by 50% or more, it’s the best thing you can hear. Once you accept these items will be second hand, you can see the beauty in how much more you’ll be able to afford.

     My aunt bought my cousin a pack and play/bassinet combo about for years ago and that cousin is now passing it on to me. This thing is originally $200 brand new. If I tried to go out and but something similar even that is new, I’d have spent most of the baby budget we have set aside. Thank you cousin!

     My guilty pleasure though, has been… Yard Sales! Once again, something I hate to admit, but almost every day I’ve been to one and found a real steal of a deal. A close family friend gave me a bouncy seat that has Baby Looney Tunes on it and from that moment I decided my son’s room would be themed around it. Little did I know, it’s harder to find stuff to go along with the theme than I thought. Yesterday though, rummaging through a yard sale that seemed rather unpromising, I came across a real prize. A crib set, that had Baby Looney Tunes on it! $3 for the set was a blessing right there.


     So keep yourself open. Just because you aren’t getting something new from a store doesn’t decrease the value for you. After all, it is still new to you and it didn’t cost you nearly as much as the “newers.” I have a steady collection of baby clothes, bottles, toys, blankets, furniture, and other necessities ready for my little guy and all together I’d say I’ve had to fork out $30 maximum. Life is good, and yard sales are a blessing.


2 thoughts on “Baby Shopping When You’re Broke… is Okay!

  1. Wow $30!!!!! That’s awesome. Fortunately you have family that had babies recently. I’m on a very tight budget as well and am not the type to go out and buy stuff especially if we’ll only use them for a short period of time. I’ve read in other blogs that there are places you can rent baby stuff from. I have yet to find one in the US. Thanks for the yard sale tip!

    • Well there are places in the US but they tend to take a lot more money than they will tell you upfront just to warn you. I agree though, I’m a very lucky person so far. Another great place to look is craigslist. There are a lot of free things and they also list yard sales and what you can find there which saves a lot of time. Most of the time if you buy one thing at a yard sale, the people will come up with more to sell you and usually for a generous price. Tell me how it goes. :)

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