Showers are Freaking Exhausting!

I can only imagine how many of you dear readers are looking at the title and thinking, “What a lazy lady!” Let’s be honest here. When you slept like your mattress is made of stones and you are dragging yourself out of bed anyway to DO stuff for the day, showers can be just one more chore. Like most people, I love taking showers. They warm you up, take off a layer of not only visible yuckiness but it often feels like they take away an emotional build up of filth. I’d love to just stand there everyday and relax; enjoy that magical feeling showers can give us. Most days lately, that just isn’t the case.

Once you accept that you can’t just take the shower time to relax, you realize it’s time to prioritize. Do you really have time to wash AND condition your hair? Is the loofah totally necessary today? Especially days like today that I’ve already been a busy bee, I really just have to say no. I have time for a quick scrub down and a shampoo. This is where I thank the shampoo deities for the creation of… wait for it… Suave Moroccan Shampoo! This is a God send right here my darlings. Not only does it smell delicious and have an easy to lather texture, but it keeps my hair soft and silky (plus easy to brush through). I’ve tried just about every shampoo out there, between $.88 bottles and $25 dollar salon shampoos. I have the fussiest hair and yet Suave, at $2-4 a bottle, has really come through with me.


     I can now safely say that even on these chore filled days of mine, I can take a quick shower and feel a whole lot better once I get out. Having good feeling hair does a lot for a girl. So try it out and tell me what you think or if you think you know a better shampoo than this, tell me that too.


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