This Apartment is Disgusting! Oh it’s $500… I’ll Take It!

     I almost hate to admit it, but right now I live in a garage. Imagine this for a second. No insulation, got all day, cold all night, no running water, dusty as can be, and a huge problem of bugs getting in. Being an expecting lady, this is a horror story. Sure, it’s free. Yes I have the full reign of the house off of the garage at certain times, but it leaves a huge problem for me in the next few months. Space. I own a lot of stuff, just stuff. Nothing interesting but it takes up all the room I have, and that’s not much.

     Having a child means that you need three times the space you’d need if it was just you. That’s when I come to another issue. My love and I only make $1,400 a month. You know what kind of apartment that will get you? A $450 apartment that could kill you. I mean really, it’ll swallow you up. The boogey man probably lives there with you. So as you can imagine, our options are limited. Tonight proved that.

     We went to see an apartment that I saw on Reasonably priced, private, decent yard, and in a great location. The pictures were really beautiful and made it look spacious as can be. We get there and everyone (my family and love) went gaga for it. “Oh it’s so cute!” “This is the perfect place for you two.” “Wow, when can they move in?” 

     Here I am, quietly looking around and wondering what everyone else was seeing. The place smelled like mold, there were water stains on every wall, the bedroom door was missing, and the place was tiny. Sure, it’s cheap. Sure, it’s available. Is that really worth it though? Should price be the main factor in choosing a place when you are a low income household?

     I say no. I am not going to allow the pressure of those around me to force me into living in a place that provides no where near enough space and could frankly be harmful to not only my but my son’s safety. I can’t have that. There is no way I will accept a place like that. So once again it sends me on a hunt for affordable and desirable. Figuring I only have one month left to find a place that fits the bill, the stress is high. It’s worth it for this little guy to grow up in a safe environment. If worse comes to worse, we’ll put the rent money into making the garage into a suitable apartment so that my son can be born into a home. 

     What about you? What’s the most important thing when you are trying to find a home?


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