Confessions and Blessings


     Confession Number One: I am a total Chicken Soup for the Soul junkie. Confession Number Two: I like to read it while on the porcelain throne. Because of this addiction my brain likes to entice itself with, I am often reminded to look at the blessings in life.  After reading one of the hundred something articles I’ve already read, I’ve decided to start a new part of this blog. Every night before bed I will post three blessings from my day on the main page and as they keep being posted, I will post them on one solid list on their own page. 
     I’ve read some heart wrenching stories that always have some kind of blessing shown through them. If all these people with truly tragic lives can write about the good in it, then why can’t we? Feel free to join me on this challenge. Even if you only want to post one blessing a week, do it. Feel free to share it with me in the response section of this post or if it is more private, you are welcome to email me at

Let’s look at the good in life my friends. 


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