Lessons from Simplicity


     Believe it or not, I realized something wonderful tonight after watching someone sit down with these toys near him and stack them like this. I was amazed at first; he did it without trying it seemed and it’s something that seems daunting to me. Then, to make this first time more amazing, he couldn’t do it again! He sat there for a good ten minutes after this stack had been knocked down trying his best to set it back up and he couldn’t do it. 

     So where is the lesson in this? What great philosophy can you find from something so simple? Well that’s just it; it was so simple yet it brought joy to both him and the children that were with us. He didn’t have to try, it didn’t cost him anything, and it became something in time that was very positive for us all. That is life. The simplest things are often passed by and unappreciated because we don’t have to work towards it and it’s not something that really makes any difference one way or another. Simple little things can be worth the most, especially when it costs nothing more than a moment of your time. It’s like me and yard sales. I find the greatest prizes there and more often than not, I end up getting them free. 

     So here’s the big picture. When you get a chance to take a moment to play with something, or you see something that happens by chance and it makes you happy, take the time to count your blessings. Looking for the little things in life that make you happy can help you be happier in the long run. 


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