Mommi Sami’s Go-To Hair Do!



     As a mommy to be, I don’t have a lot of time to be messing around with my hair. Also though, it’s the middle of summer and I don’t really like sweat. It’s gross and sticky and it doesn’t help this whole “stay comfortable while pregnant thing” that I’ve tried so hard to keep up with. SO I present to you the easiest, quickest, and yet totally stylish hair-do for when you just don’t have the time for more. The Side Braid!

     It all starts with the supplies. I swear by Suave as my dear readers have already heard in my “Showers are Exhausting” post. It was time for a shower anyway and this stuff gives me the best appearance and makes my hair very easy to work with because I get out of the shower with zero knots. Then I need my brush (I prefer the kind with hard bristles but a soft backing), two regular hair ties, and to keep it cute, one special hair tie. I love these multi-colored flower hair ties, which I got at the dollar tree thank you very much, because they stick out against just about anything. 

     Once you’ve gathered the supplies, go ahead and brush your hair like you normally would, making sure there are no knots, and then brush it all straight back. Now you have to make the decision to either keep your hair on the left or the right. I do it on the left because as a righty it’s easier to brush that way.

     Brush all of your hair to the side you chose and keep it in place with one of the hair ties you gathered. Use a little consideration because this hair tie will be shown. Does it match the pretty hair tie? Will it match the rest of your outfit?  These are little things that really make all the difference in the style’s appearance. Next, take the hair gathered in the tie, and braid it. Once you reach the end of the strands, go ahead and secure it with the other hair tie. The reason I use a regular hair tie even though we have the pretty one is because you don’t want the pretty one to be stretched to far but you don’t want them falling out. This way, you’re safe. Once it’s all in place feel free to spray your hair with a light dusting of hair spray to prevent stray hairs. I just got out of the shower, I’m in my pajamas, and I have a strong distaste for extra styling products due to the fact they never seem to work in my hair. I’m just skipping that part today. Now to complete the style, tie the pretty hair tie at the end of your hair and adjust it so that it faces the world. Last but not least, brush out your bangs. I tend to keep them parted somewhat in the middle but if it’s more comfortable for you, brush them to the side or back. It’s all up to you, what makes YOU more comfortable. 

     There you have it folks. This only takes you a few moments of time and you’ll be feeling cool and cute all day long. If you try it, send me a response telling me how it turned out. Anything you’d like to change or add, I’d love to hear about to. Feel free to email me at Enjoy!



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