A Really Long Story + Hillarious Joke

     I promise I will try to keep this story short but sometimes I tend to ramble. The first thing you need to know is that I got Boots and Fruitums (my other cats besides Ms. Stacy) around 14 years ago. About four years ago I moved in with my aunt and uncle once my lesbian mothers passed. Over a year ago I left and went to Virginia Beach for something like 10 months and now, until my love and I find an apartment, we are back to living with my aunt. While I was in VB though, my two older kitties stayed with my aunt. Let’s just say they bonded so I am no longer allowed to claim them. We adopted Ms. Stacy while we were in VB and she really has snatched my heart from me.
     Now to understand the point of this post, you have to know that when Fruitums was a kitten she ended up getting really bad fleas. Still far to young, we gave her a flea bath because we hated seeing her suffer. BAD IDEA. Somehow she injested it or something and the poor little girl was never the same. She would go around meowing as loudly as she could ans running into walls. In her old age she seems to have grown out of that for the most part but when you watch her you still see hints of her “special side.” On top of that though, the little lady is now on her second bout of stomach cancer. The thing is, despite all the things she has faced, she’s still here and a rather happy seeming cat.
     So why on earth did I tell you all this? Last night my love and I were laying in bed. My aunt and uncle have baby chickens they just bought and the second one died yesterday. The thing is, we are all actually expecting one to die because of the shape it’s in. That one that has a real sparkle in his eye though.
     Back to the laying in bed part! So we’re sitting there talking about the chickens and how this one is still alive. So I was like, “Wow this baby chick is going to be the Fruitums of chickens. It just keeps trucking on.” I paused for a moment and then… Wait for it… “No! It keeps CLUCKING on!”
     Yes. That is the whole story.
     Here, have a cute picture of Ms. Stacy as a kitten!



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