Blessings 08/09/13

1. I’m healthy. Not just in general; not some mundane fact that the majority of the world shares, but something more. My family has a horrible health track record; Cancer, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Mental Diseases. When I first got pregnant I started getting worried that I wasn’t going to maintain my health. I’m a big girl. I am highly at risk for Diabetes yet my sugar levels have been fine. It’s a real blessing that I’m able to be so healthy and that it will help my child to be healthy as well.

2. Chicken Nuggets. Now let me tell you, I have a hatred for chicken nuggets MOST of the time. Those little processed meat globs breaded and fried are just NOT something I want to be putting inside of me. Tonight though, it was wonderful. I boiled some pasta, sliced up veggies, made some Alfredo sauce, and then lined a pan with all of it including some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. Let me tell you friends, it was delicious. I can’t really afford more than that right now, and it was so wonderful tasting that I don’t even care. A little creativity is all that it takes.

3. Dreams. Last night I had the most wonderful dream about my friends and family. Some of which are no longer living. Some would find it hard to dream like that and wake up realizing they aren’t there but it really helped me feel less lonely today. I live far from my friends and most of my family so this dream was a real blessing; allowing me to be close to them once again. 


5 thoughts on “Blessings 08/09/13

  1. Hey There.. :)

    Just do blogwalking.. I know you started write this post because read all of Chicken Soup story, right?

    Hope we can chat later.. Please visit My blog too, thank you..

    Have a nice day… ~

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