Kathy Griffin Takes My Breath Away!


     Confessions! Well, I have a very bad obsession with Law and Order: SVU. I don’t watch it in order though and I really just watch it on Netflix. L&O:svu is a rather serious show and I always try to figure the episodes out. Tonight though, I can’t stop laughing. This episode is called P.C and the description is very mundane. Women from lesbian community is found murdered. That’s it. 

     It starts off like any episode. They find the lady, she’s bleeding out, gets sent to the hospital, then she dies. First they bring in all these vampires and think the main guy killed her, but he doesn’t. That story ends there. Then… She’s a Jane Doe so they put up all these flyers trying to find out who she is… That’s where my mind is blown. All these women walk in carrying the flyers and the captain, Stabler, and Benson are standing there like, “Can someone say something please?” All of a sudden, KATHY GRIFFIN walks through the crowd! From that moment I could not breathe, I was laughing so hard. Everything she said was just SO Kathy Griffin! I swear it was all improv. I’m a strong supporter of the GLBTQIA community and she is as well but this episode was hillarious. It’s hard to take anything serious when it comes out of her mouth. 

     I am trying to keep this blog clean… so please, just go watch this episode. You wont be able to contain yourself!


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