Blessings 08/10/13

1. Yard Sales +Kind Mothers. As many of my wonderful readers know, I swear by them. Today my aunt, cousin, and I were on the way to Baby’s R Us to make up my registry and we stopped at a yard sale. There was a huge amount of baby clothing and other baby items there and I started picking through. The people running it seemed to be these girls around my age and they told me that each piece was $1-2 dollars and the shoes were $5. Other items they had to ask their mother about. I picked out a couple of things when this wonderful mother lady came out and whispered, “Don’t worry about it. Fill a box with anything you need and you can have it for $5.” Today I received all the newborn clothes I’m going to need, bottle liners, hats, and birth cloths for just $5 because of this wonderful woman that I met at a yard sale.

2. Goodwill + God’s Will. Yes, I did just write a whole thing on yard sales, but this is a little different. While we were at Baby’s R Us I found a lot of nice things I would love to have but don’t expect to be getting because they are so expensive. After that we went to Goodwill and gosh God was watching out for me. I found a bottle set that was going to cost me $30 brand new and yet I found the exact one I had just scanned for $2! Then I found a beautiful baby book, baby coat hangers, and another bottle for a total of $5. These were all things I was really hoping to get and I had found them for very reasonable prices. Praise God!

3. My Little Sister Cousin Thing. This little girl drives me crazy. That’s what little sisters are for. When I got home tonight though, I was so tired. This sweet little thing came right up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said, “I love you Sissy.” I felt revived. It makes me so happy to know that she loves me despite all the times that we fight. She’s eleven years younger than me and we’re really cousins so sometimes it’s hard to feel the way we should, but tonight I know it and gosh I’m blessed for having her as a sister.


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