Your Feet Were Made for Walking, Just Not in Those Shoes


     While I was in Virginia Beach I found what I always thought would be my dream job. We were a little short on money at the time and even though this job only paid $4/hour, it was worth it. I’d get cash every day and I enjoyed it (at first at least) so it was enough to keep me there and give us some spending money. Let me just say, this job is the reason that I refuse to trust any daycare. This was a Navy Seal only daycare. Those poor children are being trained to hate there parents… (Wait for the next post for more on this!)

     Anyway though, when I first got the job I didn’t have a pair of sneakers that were suitable for the walk to the day care ever morning and night. It was almost an hour walk and on the first time I walked there my feet were blistered. Mind you, I was wearing plastic shoes. After deciding I needed to wear sneakers, my love let me borrow a pair of his. He has size eleven shoes in men’s where I take a size four in children. Not only did it look silly but I very soon realized that the extra weight shoes that are too big for you add to your feet is incredible painful. My calves and legs were in constant pain and my back began to ache as well. These shoes just weren’t meant for me. Soon enough we did find me an affordable, fitting, and cheap pair of second hand shoes. Thank goodness too, it made getting to the job much easier.

The moral of this story though is something that I didn’t realize then, but now is demonstrated well by this story. God gives us all a task in life. Yes we should always work for more, but it He doesn’t give us more than we can handle and sometimes we just need to accept that where we are at, what we are able to do, and what we are meant to do might not be the dream of ourselves we imagine in our heads. I imagine that I’m going to be the most perfect mom anyone has ever seen, but I accept that the best I can do is be the mom I want my son to have. I want to be someone that raises my child with love and care but I believe firmly in punishment and keeping my child respectful. That’s all I can try for and as long as I am trying, I can be happy. As long as we are being the best we can be, treating others the way we’d like to be treated, and as long as we are happy with who we are being, then we’ve fulfilled our duty in life. Life is Good.

Also, I think I’ll stick with socks!


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