Blessings 08/11/13

1. Yard Sales! I know, I know! Yard Sales take up too much of my blessings but today was amazing. The last big item that I needed for my baby is a stroller/car seat combo. The one I really wanted was $300 brand new. Driving down a random back road today there was one sitting in front of a house. We pulled over and sure enough it was for sale. For $50. This is the most important big item I needed and now I’ve got it. Praise God!

2. Practice. My cousin just had her third baby boy and we were over her house today. Her and my aunt went off to look at some stuff outside so I was left with the baby. He began to fuss and if felt so natural to swipe him up and comfort him till he let out his gas and began to fall asleep. This kind of practice and success with him makes me feel more confident about my first son. It gives me peace of mind.

3. Maternity Clothes. If you read my last post then you know my love for them but I really want you, dear reader, to understand how blessed I have been by this one shirt. I felt so much better today in it. Having it fit perfectly, keep me the right temperature, flatter my curves, and look cute was such a confidence booster. You always feel better when your confidence is up.


2 thoughts on “Blessings 08/11/13

  1. Wow, that really was a great find. I’ve always gone to yard sales and thrift stores especially when my kids were small. I would buy gently used and sometimes not used at all items and re-sell them when we were done with them. I have always been a stay at home mom since my son was a baby. People still comment many years later on how well dressed they both were. Now, I’m trying to downsize because I just don’t need much. And I would always seem to find what I needed and sometimes it was a lot better than what I would have bought new. God is good!! Best wishes!!

    • Awe thanks so much hun. Second Hand really is the way to go now a days. So many people get rid of things for cheap. They aren’t even used often times. God really is good. :)

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