Blessings 08/12/13

1. Family. I say unfortunate things about my family sometimes and I regret it because either way, I still have a family and I should learn to be more grateful. Tonight my dad (yes I have one despite my lesbian mothers) came to visit me for my birthday (which is tomorrow) and even though we never really were that close or got along, it was nice to sit there and have someone in my family care for me. 

2. Sleep. I love sleep and I know in another hour I’ll be having some and it will be wonderful. It is the time of day that my body and brain gets to chill out and relax. I’d be a mess without it!

3. My Loves. Corey really makes me feel loved. He reminds me that I’m not alone and that I never will be again. Caleb kicking tells me that I’m creating someone that I will care for and love as much as anyone has ever loved before. They make me human.


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