Blessings 08/14/13

I’m so sorry my darlings. I didn’t post yesterday. For one, it was my birthday. For two, I was just so tired!

Todays blessings are a little different. I don’t want to sit here and list things. Part of that is because I am not feeling that well, and part is because things aren’t always as simple as a numbered list.

I had my TANF meeting today and qualified. Then I had ny aspire meeting which was a very cool blessing because my aspire counseler ended up being my ex’s mom. She loves me as much, if not more, than him! It made or go quick and smoothly plus instead of waiting till my name came up alphabetically, she called me first. Saving time and having no stress was good.

So then the bad part of the day went down. Like I’ve told you dears, I am trying to get an appartment. If we do then all our money is going into it. We won’t be able to afford food. I was relying on having food stamps. Between us we get 400. I told ny aunt she could have half but instead she took all but $50… How do I react to that? Then she lectured about us needing an appartment and not wanting us here and really I just can’t take that anymore… Tomorrow I should know about the appartment though. So here is to the best blessing of the say; though I am depressed I still feel hope.


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