Caleb Gardner Phillips *bragging*


     That is right my lovelies, my little man has made his way into the world. Guess what else… He is Perfect! I know that is what every mommy says, but it is so true with this one.
     His name is Caleb Gardner Phillips. He was born October 9th, 2013 at 4:27A.M. after a long 22 hour labour. With a head or hair that would make any man jealous and a neck steady from the begining he is magnificent.
     It is actually kind of funny how it all went down though. I went in for a regular appointment and my blood pressure was high so the doctor said, we are not inducing you but we are going to give you something that will make you closer to being able to deliver just incase we have to. She specifically said that I would not go into labour because of it. After my Bp didn’t go down within the four hours they had me there they decided to keep me overnight for observation. 6 the next morning though I woke up thinking I really had to pee… Nope! Water broke and he was on his way. After 19 hours of labour I started pushing. Three more hours later, two failed epidurals, and a whole lot of screaming later I had to give up and the doctors took over. Not even ten minutes later they had him out of me and I have been in heaven since. Turns out his head was stuck behind a bone. Thank God for doctors.
     He is now a full month and five days old and every single day he gets more and more amazing. Already the little man wants to crawl and has figured out the leg part of it, just not the arm part. Caleb can sit up and roll over. He also tells you exactly what he wants with a whole crazy arrangement of sounds. Just yesterday we went to the doctors and size wise he is in the 90 percentile of everything and mental and physical milestone wise he is at the level of at least a 3 month old. He tracks things, reaches out and grasps things (especially his puppy rattle), and can do baby pushups with ease! Yeah, he’s awesome.
     Thanks so much for endulging me and reading my bragging post. It means a lot. Now that I’ve got that out, I promise to write a lot more productive things. Next post= How to Survive the First Month with Your Sanity



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