How to Survive the First Month with Your Sanity-10 easy steps!


Let me just start by saying, I don’t know everything! Some babies are just more colicy and some are just naturally easier. Babies all have different personalities and different reactions to the world around them. You need to remember that although everything is about baby, taking the time for yourself and your health is important to. So without further ado, here is a step by step survival guide that I have been using since day one.

1. Babies aren’t scary, they are human just like you and me. So many new parents think of their babies as an alien species. The truth is if you treat them like that, you won’t be able to embrace the joys of having them around. You don’t like being alone, neither do they. You don’t like certain noises, lights, smells. They don’t either. They are just like us. Don’t be afraid of them.
2. Babies can feel what you are feeling. If you are stressed, afraid, or even happy it will effect them. Stress hurts us but hurts them even more. Trust me, you can do this. Try to leave all the crazy worry out of it.
3. Sleep. Sleep when they sleep. At night especially if course but even during the day when you put then down for a nap, forget about technology, forget about the house work, and just let yourself sleep. If you are sleep deprived you will be a lot less happy and like I mentioned in #2, it will effect them.
4. Shower! I have heard horror stories about new moms not being able to shower. Let’s be real here people, when you don’t shower you will feel gross, you won’t feel healthy, and there is no excuse. There is always time to shower. It gives you a break; time just to yourself. If you are breast feeding like I am, that water geeks great. Then for the health of your baby, you need to be clean so they don’t get the filth all over them. Bottom line, shower.
5. Talk to your baby. I know sometimes it is hard but it helps them grow and has been proven to make them happy. If you feel weird talking to someone who can’t quite talk back, read to them! Grab a book and tell them the story. It helps their brain develop and makes it easy to know what to say.
6. Let people hold them. One of the biggest mistakes is freaking out over germs and never letting anyone else hold your bundle of joy. This is a habit that makes kids shy and makes it so that everytime you put them down they cry. Plus different touches are good for babies.
7. If your baby is fussing don’t go crazy. Change positions, offer food, change the temperature. There are only so many things that can be wrong. Sooner you figure it out, calmer you stay, the sooner the crying stops.
8. Highchairs are a blessing. Sit them up, put a tummy time mirror or other toy in front of them, and you are free to do the dishes, cook, laundry, or anything else you need to do.
9. Walk. Everyday for atleast a few minutes, go outside and walk. For one, after carrying this little beauty for 9 months you have stomach muscles of goo. Walking is pretty much all you can do for the first month when it comes to exercise but it is so importnant to be healthy and it gets you out of the house.
10. Take a break. Even when everything is going right, everyone needs a little break. When dad gets home, a friend volunteers, or family offers to help, say yes. Let them watch over and play with your little one every once in a while and do something for yourself. This could be walking a little extra by yourself, reading a book, light exercise, painting, or anything else.

If you do this, your sanity should be intact by the end of month one. Just trust yourself. Babies are blessings. Love is really all they need.


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