Breastfeeding Do’s and Don’t’s


Before I start, I have to say, if you are breastfeeding even part time then Congratulations and Good Job. I know it isn’t always easy or convenient. I know that it can hurt. Your back aches, nipples are sometimes raw, but the benefits for baby and you are beyond worth the moments of discomfort. You both heal faster, mommy looses weight, baby’s immune system gets stronger… I could go on and on. Next I have to tell you that I am not a lactation specialist so my tips are all personal. Though a lot I did get from people who know what they are talking about so I wouldn’t worry.

-Do breastfeed!
-Do keep baby angled, not flat.
This prevents spit up and helps them digest better.
-Do still burp baby.
Just because you are not bottle feeding does not mean they don’t have gas.
-Do keep them awake. Use wash clothes to rub their back or strip them down to just a diaper. Either way, keep them awake so they get a full feeding each time.
-Do use something for your nipples. Nipple Butter is not too expensive and saves you tons in the long run.
-Do massage your breasts and do let them soak in the water during a shower.

-Don’t feed sitting up in bed.
Your back will thank you for sitting in a chair with a back.
-Don’t forget about the boppy while out.
They are a savior and while worth the $20 they cost new. It makes bf comfortable for both mom and baby.
-Don’t get frustrated.
Baby feels what you feel. Stay relaxed. They won’t latch right on everytime and that is okay.
-Don’t assume they aren’t getting enough just cause their poop slowes down.
That is normal. Babies can go three days without passing a stool without it being a concern.

Well, I hope these help. If you think if something to add, feel free to message me on here or email at As always, thanks for reading!


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