Worth the Chaching?


     Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops, and any other second hand retailer is my destination to shop for everything from cribs to toasters. I have gotten a surplus of baby stuff from these places and I am so greatful for this. At the same time though I know not everyone can find everything they want for baby at these places. This post will help you decide what is really worth shelling out the cash to buy new and what sounds cool but really isn’t needed.
     Let’s get the don’t buy list out of the way first. Top of this list? The ridiculous Bumbo seat! I can’t even express how much I despise them. They have already been recalled twice, there are 50+ reported head injuries related to them, and the whole purpose is to help with posture that babies are not supposed to have till about 6-9 months anyway. Leave this off the registry.
     Next item that is pointless although cute is the baby tubs. For the first few months your best, safest, and quickest way to give your little one a bath is to sponge bath him. These tubs are not even useable really until they can hold themselves up. By that time most babies have grown out of it. Plus, most importantly, you already have a baby bath. It is called the sink. Until they are big enough for a regular tub it is the best thing for them to take a bath in plus it is easier on your back not having to bend over to wash them down.
     I know a lot of people will disagree with this one, but diaper changing tables are another non-necessity. You can only use them at home, they have to be cleaned all the time and tend to not be that easy to clean, they take up tons of room, and other than being a nice thing to organize diapers on it really has no use. If you want one then get a portable fold up one. That way when you aren’t home you can have a safe and clean place to change your little monkey. When you are home though, lay them down on your bed and change them. You change your bedding (I hope) about once a week anyway so it is always getting cleaned. Plus your bed is way more comfy and doesn’t take up extra room. Yeah sure babies pee during changes some time. Baby pee is just water basically. Not something to freak over. Doesn’t mean you have to strip the bed. There are worse things. Either way, changing tables are another thing to not worry about.
     Bed sets… Here is one that I can’t say I haven’t wanted. Here is the thing though. Bumpers are dangerous. Blankets are dangerous. Pillows are dangerous. So what are you left with? A sheet. Plus, let’s be honest here. The bed/crib isn’t going to get used right away most of the time so why spend the big bucks on something like this?


     Okay now that we have that out of the way I can tell you some baby extras that are worth every penny, like the high chair. Caleb as well as two of his friends (yes my one month old has friends) all love their high chairs. I can tell you right now that my fellow mommies do too. High chairs are an easy way to keep baby in the kitchen with you so you can get chores done. I put a tummy time mirror or crinkle toy on it and he stays busy for up to an hour in it.


     Boppy pillows are a God send! They make breastfeeding sooooo much easier. They give comfortable support for baby and help mommy keep her posture the way it is ment to be. We have enough back strain ladies, this is one more way to help. As baby gets older (or if you aren’t super paranoid you can do it from birth like me) the Boppy can be used as a lounger. I like to prop Caleb up under this mirror turtle thing he has and he loves it. Boppy covers are another essential because putting the pillow itself into the wash will ruin it.


     People will tell you spending money on infant toys is silly but I would laugh at them. Not only do they entertain but they stimulate babies. They help improve eye sight, hand eye coordination, muscles, and mental ability. I don’t recommend just any toy though. Tummy time mirrors are a must. They have lots of things on them to keep the little one active and it is important for babies to study themselves. Another thing that I couldn’t rave about enough is getting a soft ring rattle. The sound and use of these help with and are considered a huge milestone from 1-3+ months. Caleb LOVES his Puppy rattle. He will reach out for it and wears it on his wrist not letting us take it from him.
     Now my little one’s favorite necessity is one we can’t live with anymore. Wipe warmers! I have heard a lot of people say the opposite but just think how you would feel. Do you want something cold touching your unmentionables? The sane answer is no. These are rather inexpensive and so worth it. Caleb does not fuss during changes like he did before we got it for him.
     The last thing I recommend is a good baby sling. Hands free baby carrying is a blessing and makes every day life ten times easier. They can be warn anywhere and you can even feed baby while they are in there. Most are easy to put on by yourself and safe as long as you still keep an eye on baby.
     Hopefully this list will help you out. Did I not mention an item you are wondering about? Let me know. If you have any questions or comments please leave one or email me at Sami.jordynn@gmail.com and as always, thanks for reading!


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