To Pacify or Not To Pacify, That is the Question


     From day one I have been against pacifiers. I just haven’t been able to understand why I would need them. You watch babies suck on their hands and toys so why buy another thing to soothe them. Recently though I have kind of changed my mind and given in. You can make your own decisions on this one but I am here to help with the pros and cons.
     One of the big reasons I haven’t been a fan of pacifiers is because Caleb’s cousin Noah has had one since the beginning and now can’t soothe himself without one. If it falls out of his mouth or gets lost he will scream for hours on end until he either wears himself out or gets another one. Another reason that sort of goes along with that is my own issue. I sucked my thumb far too long and it ruined my teeth. I was addicted to it and it was the biggest comfort object I had at the time. I don’t want that for Caleb.
     Since I am breastfeeding I also worry about one affecting his latch. If there is any confusion between it and my nipple it could ruin something I find essential.
     Hygiene is a big thing to me and far to often do people not realise that each time you give one to a baby there are dozens of bacteria that have touched it. I’m not super worried about germs but this is just asking for it. I’ve seen plenty of moms just suck on it for a second first though and it makes me feel the tiniest bit more comfortable.
     Along with all these cons I have learned to accept the pros. The other night we were out walking and Caleb started howling because he was hungry. Since it was cold I couldn’t just take him out and feed him so he kept crying and I just felt terrible. Since then I have kept a pacifier with me just in case.
     When you are out in public pacifiers really do their job. If your little one is hungry it is the perfect time to give them a pacifier and it gives you at least a few moments to get to a place you safely can feed them.
     On the other side of the latch argument, a large amount of doctors will tell you it can actually strengthen their latch. When you are breast feeding this can be very helpful in teaching your babies mouth to suck harder for more milk production.
     Babies can easily get over stimulated and tired. This makes them fussy and hard to put to sleep. Pacifiers soothe them enough to help them get to sleep much quicker.
     The bottom line is that although not for every baby or mom, pacifiers are a “use at your own discretion” object. I can’t tell you one way or another if they are something to use. I feel that as long as the use is minimal then it can be a helpful tool for the littles.
     Let me know how you feel. Either comment here or email me at Thanks for reading!


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