The Back Seat Parents


At least once in parenthood you come across the people who honestly and truly believe they know best and everything when it comes to your child. It makes me laugh how many people have told me that my son was pooping just because his face was a little contorted. I ALWAYS know when he is going to poop and 99% of the time they are wrong but look at me funny when I don’t run off to change him right away. My grandmother cringes everytime I go over and I hear the same speech every time. “Why doesn’t he have a jacket? He needs an undershirt. Gahhh hold his neck! You need to bathe him more. Let him cry.” I just sit there and stare at her knowing I don’t plan on paying any attention to what she says.
The truth though is that although I have a pretty good handle on this whole mom thing, I have learned a lot of things that makes me a better mom because I do take in what all of these back seat parents have said. So lovelies, next time someone tells you how to feed your baby at a different angle, give it a try before you knock it. I mean, if the person doesn’t have a child then don’t worry about it too much, but other patenta tell you things because they have been through it. I have had my mind changed about different opinions many times because of people telling me how they did it.
What have you learned from a back seat parent? Email me at or comment below. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “The Back Seat Parents

  1. Okay, I think that’s really, really bad advice. Backseat parents just shouldn’t exist, and giving validation to their meddling could make it much, much worse. Some advice is also, extremely dangerous. I was once told to give my infant honey on a pacifier. The woman was a parent, so does that mean I should listen? What about terrible advice from medical professionals that could ruin a breastfeeding relationship, or force solids on a baby that’s not ready?

    My child is my child–the father and I know this child better than anyone else in the world. If we don’t ask for advice, we don’t want it, and make that very clear to the backseat parent. If they don’t stop, we spend less time around them.

    • Well I agree that if I said to ALWAYS listen to everyone else then yes it would be bad advice. Since all I said was to be open to what other people tell you then I would say I am giving some pretty good advice. You as a parent always have the final say but by always saying no to.any advice people.give you, you aren’t giving yourself a chance to grow as a parent and your child could suffer.

      • You do grow as a parent, by figuring it out yourself. I don’t need unsolicited advice to parent my child. : |

      • Haha, then why are you reading my blog about parenting? I’m so glad you are super smart and amazing with your kids. Congratulations. Not everyone is the same though. Some of us need help and that is okay. We learn in different ways. Oh well.

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