Play that Funky Music, Bay-bie

     Baby Einstein is all about introducing our little ones to classical music and it has been found to heighten IQs and help with development and what not. Let’s be honest though. As the parent, do you really plan to just be listening to classical for the first or more years of your child’s life? I didn’t think so.
     From day one I have been introducing Caleb to different genres and volumes of music. We had started with the Lulaby channel on Pandora. It has just enough variety from classical to modern songs covered on piano to make you not want to scream. From there, after hearing a few of his songs on the Lulaby channel, we moves to the Ron Pope Channel. Then to the Ed Sheeran channel. Caleb seemed interested in it all and if he was interested and stimulated, what was the problem?
     Once he was 11 days old, I started bringing him to church. I sat in the front row and when the Worship band started up I panicked. It was so loud and upbeat that I wasn’t sure what to do. Then, Caleb laughed. He kept wiggling and was totally content. After a while of that, he fell right to sleep in my arms.
     I think that it is wonderful to do what is best for your children and a lot of people would argue that Classical is the only way to go. For me, I feel like variety is what I want my child to grow up around. I listen to a lot of Country and Theatrical music. His daddy likes Rap and Pop. We play out music as loud as we can sing and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Do what is right for you. No matter what, just keep playing music. It helps stimulate children, sometimes helps them sleep, and it is an important part of life either way.

What kind of music does your little one listen to? Comment below or email me at


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