Look! No Hands!


     One of the funniest things in the world to me is how much my itty bitty 7 week old wants to be a big boy. He holds his head up, does pretty good pushups, can stand with assistance, and thinks he can do it all. The best is when we go to the grocery store and he fusses soon as we get there because after sitting in the cart once he refuses to sit in his stroller when we are there. He gets this look on his face like, come on mom you know I’m a big boy. I’m like, come on Caleb I want to keep you my baby boy forever.
     Now, I’m am totally not supporting or saying free range parenting is the way to go, especially when they are less than six months. What I am saying to you today is that a little independance gives children the chance to really blossom. Instead of giving them a toy and showing them what it does, let them have a chance to explore it. You will be amazed how many uses children can find for objects. Let them sit in the big boy seat. Let them see all different people, animals, shapes, and colors. Don’t tell them, this is soft. Let them feel it and realize it is soft and that soft is something they like.
     I personally think that the whole hands off parenting thing works for some people but not for me. I’m too in love with helping my baby grow. I do however want him to learn to be self sufficient in some areas. He shouldn’t always need me to tell him or show him how everything works and what good will that do in the long run? Stimulation of a young one’s mind is highest when they are figuring something out themself and scientists have found that the way babies brains work anyway is by observation and discovery.
     So next time you go to the grocery store, put your little baby in the cart, let him pick which apple he likes, and don’t worry about him growing up to fast. He will always be your baby, just a little bigger each day.


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