Teething and the Pacifier-An Anti-Fairytale


     Well you certainly don’t expect a two and a half month old to be teething. At three months, my little man is an experienced teether with a knack for drooling like the best of them. Like many mummies, this whole drooling thing has zero affect on me. The look of pain on my son’s face when he isn’t chewing on something on the other hand just about breaks my heart.
     Without the hand-eye coordination of older teething munchkins we are limited with what can really help him. Teething rings are great tools, especially the vibrating ones, but my little guy has a hard time with them unless I am holding them because he is still just a little one. I really recommend vibrating teething toys though. Caleb always has this look on his face like… oh Mommy thanks so much it makes me feel all better.
     When it first started he was getting fevers so I went out and got him some infant Tylenol, which he completely loved since it was a brand new taste from boobie milk. The issue with that is that we try to keep everything natural with him and that stuff is no where near natural. The dyes and chemicals that are in any medication that doesn’t say organic really scares me. On top of that there is a very serious liver damage warning. So… Tylenol is really not an option.
     Orajel seems like the most obvious answer. They even have a natural version. It only works for a very limited amount of time and because of saliva it tends to numb the whole mouth not just the gums. I feel very uncomfortable putting something like that in my son’s mouth just to have him possibly swallow it.
     I know what you are thinking. Great, thanks for telling me all the things that don’t work. So when do you start helping me? Well here you go my patient readers. Pacifiers.
     He can chew, it calms him, it makes him happy and allows his gums some relief. We personally use the MAM pacifiers. They have the most comfortable feel and best shape orthidontically. It has a buffer to avoid sunctioning to his face as well. I really don’t have a complaint except maybe the price but an extra dollar for something better than the rest is worth it for our little ones.
     Now, I personally haven’t used them yet but I want to pass on what my fellow mommy suggested. Teething pellets. They are supposes to work wonders but I don’t recommend them until 6+ months. If you are going to use them, be safe.
     So that is what I have for you folks. Pacifers are a real saving grace when it comes to teething. Just remember to be patient and comforting. Doctors say that adults wouldn’t be able to take the pain babies go through while getting their teeth. We need to respect that my dears.
     Thank you so much for reading and your continued support. Share stories with me. Tell me tips I can share. Email me at Sami.jordynn@gmail.com if you would like.
     Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Teething and the Pacifier-An Anti-Fairytale

  1. Pacifiers were our saving grace through teething too! They are so much softer than the harder teething rings. Our twins were late teethers, and well after the 18 month mark they would gnaw away on the pacifiers when they had teeth coming in, especially the side molars.

    We also used cold water in a baby bottle with a slow flow nipple (I didn’t want them guzzling water as young infants before they “need” water).

    • Thanks for commenting! Absolutely. Pacifiers are great for all ages and they aren’t going to affect teeth alignment (or many wont) unlike the hard teething rings. I’m not sure about the cold water but with an ounce or two I’m sure that would work great! Thanks for sharing jun :)

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