Product Review: Baby Einstein’s Rhythm of the Reef Exersaucer


     First off, I would like to give my sincere thanks to Baby Einstein for sending this toy to my little man and I. Despite everything I am about to write, good and bad, he loves it and we are so excited to be one of the first with it. I am also thankful to be one of ten chosen to review the product; it makes me feel very confident about my blog which makes it all the more worthwhile.
     Here we go folks. I want to make clear that I would absolutely recommend this to another parent but I have to be honest with the faults of this exasaucer. To start, with a name like “Rhythm of the Reef” you would expect to hear a lot more music. My little man absolutely loves when I press the keys for him but the music only plays for a few seconds and I have to run back over to press it again. Now here is where I am really on the fence about complaining. My son, Caleb, is only 3mo right now. Baby Einstein markets this toy for 4mo+ and despite the small age difference, a lot of strength is built within that one month. The keys don’t seem that hard to press down on and I imagine in another month Caleb will be pressing them himself, figuring he already tries, but for now having the music play so short is a problem for us. I wish and recommend a setting with continuous music or making more of the toys musical.
     On the plus side, the colors are brilliantly attractive. The first time I put Caleb into the exersaucer he just stared at the bright orange teething fish. He loves to reach out and touch it. The toys in general really attracted him. He likes to try and press the keys and he loves the octopus. He has never really cared for one of those press and spin toys yet this one holds his attention and is easy enough that he should be able to do it. It would be a nice bonus if there were a tag on the bottom on the ocotpus that he could pull to make it even easier but… can’t complain about everything.
     I believe the biggest complaint I have is set up. Most of it was easy enough and deconstructing it as well but the seat should really come put together. I should not be breaking a sweat while putting together a kids toy. Speaking of the seat, it isn’t padded. It is just hard plastic with fabric over it and this makes me a very nervous Mama. My little man can just barely touch the ground (again, he is only 3mo) and he thrashed around to turn instead of using his feet. If he thrashea hard enough into the hard as could be plastic, it could do some real damage. If this doesn’t get changed then I will have to recommend wrapping a blanket around the little ones to keep them safe.
     Now with most things I would not complain about batteries not being included, but when it is only three AAs then why not? If it were a D, okay. AA though should be included. It is just one more hastle I don’t have the time for. My baby wanted to try it out before I even had the batteries in.
     One feature I love is the mirror. Caleb loves ANYTHING with a mirror. For some reason, most play sets don’t come with a built in mirror. This sets Baby Einstein over the top for me. Caleb will just stare at it the whole time he is in the exersaucer and not get bored. If it were a little bigger that would be great but I will take what I can get.
     Something that makes a difference for me is that they give you the option of adding toys. This is perfect for us. Caleb is specific about certain toys and having the ability to add his favorite things right onto the exersaucer is fabulous. He also likes holding onto the loops they provide for adding toys. The built in “snack” tray is great as well. We have a light up sensory ball for him that fits there perfectly and stops it from rolling away from him.
     Overall I think this is a great design with a few flaws that would be easy fixes I think. The toys are right sized. The colors are great. In another month Caleb will probably be living in the thing. The fact that the height is adjustable is brilliant as well. It grows with baby. It is the tiniest bit to tall for Caleb, he is on his tippy toes in it, but it isn’t made specifically for him and within another month it will be just the right height.
     If I am going go rate it 1-10 I think in it’s current state it deserves a 6 1/2. I would give it a seven but with the seat being unsafe in my opinion, I just can’t. It has the potential to be a ten though.


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