Best Breastfeeding Pillow: The Delux Breast Friend!


     I have discovered the greatest tool for breastfeeding. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem very popular compared to the Boppy but it is about a trillion times more comfortable and useful.
     It is a little bit of an investment at $50 but you can easily get 30% off by liking their facebook page which helps a lot. It is worth it. I repeat, worth it! I thankfully have been using one I found at my work where it was only $20 used. I am so excited to have found one because I’ve never had an easier time feeding Caleb, other than laying in bed with him.
     The Delux Breast Friend features a very plush cushion that wraps all the way around you with an adjustable length and clip. The cushion being on your back removes the stress and ache normal Boppy pillows cause. I can sit on the floor against a wall with a pipe on it and still be totally comfortable.
     Another huge perk is that I can angle it however I want meaning Caleb can be angled up to help digest better. The strap holds it in place which is a real help and makes it hands free. I’ve even walked around feeding my little man with it on. I have to clarify, walking around is not recommended. It can be dangerous. Please sit whille you feed.
     A bonus for Caleb is it has somewhat of a built in pillow for his head which is a raised part on the cushion so he doesn’t have to strain his neck. Being a mildly neurotic mommy I really appreciate the comfortable and ergomatic design The Breast Friend provides for us both.
     A few added features that make it great are the extra covers you can buy in many different designs and the attaches pocket great for babies favorite toys, extra bottles, wipes, nursing pads, or anything else you want to keep close.
     I really can’t find anything negative about this item and I highly recommend it to all Breastfeeding moms. It is worth every penny, wonderful quality, and something you can use again and again.
     Thanks for reading! I love comments. Let me know if you found this review helpful or if you own a Breast Friend, what do you think of it? My email is feel free to email me there as well.
     Life is Good!


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