Snuggles are the Best: Co-sleeping


“Caleb at a Day Old Co-sleeping with Daddy”
     Well… I have had the title for this post for over a month now. I’ve been struggling with this post because I am on the edge with this topic. There a hundred reasons for and against it and I completely understand both sides. I also know what is right for me and how I sleep. I don’t know how you sleep and I don’t know what is right for you. This post is based on opinion and I ask that before you co-sleep you really consider the dangers and whether you will truly wake up if danger arises.
     Now that I’ve gotten past the warning label requirement I can tell you, I’m all for co-sleeping. I applaud the parents who do it. The benefits are substantial. It has been shown to normalize baby’s heart rate, breathing, and sleep schedule. The chance of AIDs is decreassed assuming the pillows and blankets are removed from the baby’s area so that the risk of suffocation is lost. It has been shown that the bond between parent and child is very heightened when co-sleeping is used.
     For parents we can feel more relaxed having our little ones beside us. I for one wake up at even the slightest cough from him. If he were to spit up or be suffocating then I would know for sure unlike if he wasn’t sleeping with me. It really keeps my mind at ease to have him so close and I always feel as if I’ve slept better with him in bed with me.
     Personally I will be breastfeeding until the milk dries up and while he was still waking up in the middle of the night to eat it was wonderful to be able to barely wake up and offer the breast right to him. If he had been in a crib I would have gotten up, making him wait for me and fussing the whole time, gone to his room, brought him back to my room, sat up to fees him so I didn’t fall back to sleep, interrupting my sleep, and making it all one big and unneeded activity. I never had a rough night’s sleep thanks to co-sleeping.
     The kicker about all these positives? I don’t technically co-sleep. I did in the beginning but as soon as he could roll we had to stop. I couldn’t put him next to his dad in fear he would roll on him and I was afraid Caleb would roll off the bed. Now he sleeps right next to the bed in his swing. During the day, when we are not at my work, and he takes naps, I do let him sleep in bed with me. It is a special time that only him and I have and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
     In the past, all children would sleep with their parents. Cribs are unnatural. Being alone is a terrifying feeling for anyone, imagine how a baby feels? For us I use the swing next to my bed for his safety but he is always within arms reach so if he wakes up and is frightened I can pick him up into my bed and comfort him the way he deserves.
     Like I said in the beginning, I can’t tell you to co-sleep. There are dangers and not everyone will take the precautions. If you are a heavy sleeper or on any kind of liquor or medication I request that you under no circumstance try to co-sleep. I highly recommend letting babies sleep in a bouncer or swing. The fact that it sits them up has also been found to prevent SIDs so that is just one more possitive to it.
     Whatever you chose, take the safety of the child into mind first. They make things that attach to your bed so baby can be near but still have it’s own space.
     Let me know what you do. Where does your little one sleep? Comment on this post or email me at Thanks for reading and the support!


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