Don’t Diaper till You Know!


     Let me just tell you to start, I don’t use cloth diapers. I can’t believe how many people are surprised when I tell them that. Yes they are hypoallergenic and good for the environment. Yes they save money in the very long run. Overall though they just don’t fit our lifestyle. We are out and about all the time, can’t do laundry everyday, and I really don’t love being peed on. Disposable just works for us. If you have the time and patience for cloth diapering then I completely recomend you try, it really does have great benefits, it just isn’t what I personally do.
     Now the rant starts. I love Pamper’s Swaddlers. They are $5 more than most brands but I buy in bulk and it is 100% worth it. They hold in everything; blowouts just don’t happen. They are hypoallergenic. My son has very sensitive skin and even huggies gave him a rash. These diapers have a mesh lining that I guess helps keep all the poo and whatnot in. Brilliant I tell you. Daddy’s favorite part is the line that turns blue when wet so he knows when to change Caleb. That also saves from wasting diapers that haven’t even been used.
     Other than swaddlers though, Pampers is really kind of failing. I’m actually a little pissed off. We bought a huge box, because Babies R Us was out of Swaddlers, of the Baby Dry which claim 12 hour protection. This was when he was a size one. We were constantly changing his clothes due to the ridiculous amount of blowouts. Went back to Swaddlers and the problem was gone.
     Caleb is now a size 2 and we have been going to a parenting class called Alpha Pregnancy Resource. You go watch a video, earn points, and get things like diapers, wipes, cribs, whatever with the points. Well, we needed diapers and they got the Baby Dry instead of swaddlers so we ended up having to try them once again. AGAIN instant blowout! Thank God I had put him in his high chair instead of leaving him in his white swing or I would be even more pissed off. His Patriot’s onsie is now pooped on though which I really don’t appreciate. I scrounged up some Swaddlers we had stored just in case and now my little man’s bum is carefully supported. I say, Poop away little man!
     That’s all folks. Pamper’s Swaddlers are worth the cash, hands down. Of course though, I undrstand we can not all afford them. We can’t even really, which is why we go to Alpha. Here are some alternatives that we have tried or heard of and have given us close results. Walgreens Well Beginnings brand has been described as Pamper’s for the price of Luvs. They are 100% guaranted, made in the US, thin but sturdy, and hypoallergenic as far as I can find. If we ever stop going to Alpha, we will probably be using these full time. Other than that I can’t really recomend anything. I’ve hears decent things about Huggies and Luvs but… That is your decision.
     Bonus! Wipes are another big thing. Let me tell you, even more than diapers I am super specific about wipes. I will only use Huggies Natural Care. Every single other wipe has given Caleb a little rash or just felt to rough and not very useful. Again, if you want something cheaper, Walgreen’s brand is good. They have a cucumber and aloe wipe that I like a lot for myself. I also use their nursing pads. They are super soft and absorbent but literally half the price of the other brands.
     Thanks for reading. I love writing for you guys. Anything I can help with, just let me know. I’d love some suggestions for topics. Comments are appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Diaper till You Know!

  1. Diapers are highly subjective. We used to use Pampers, but no matter what type, our child had constant blowouts. Huggies were better, but still not great.Luvs are the only thing that work well for us, and the Parents’ Choice wipes are my favorite. They’re cheap as hell, but they’re soft and have never given us problems.

    Can I offer some constructive criticism? (I’m not here to be a pain in the ass, really.) Don’t deal so much in absolutes. You’re entitled to your opinions, like everyone else, but the way you write them comes off as you presenting it as fact. These diapers are superior. Pacifiers are the best for teething, wipes warmers are worth the money, etc. Of course, that sort of advice isn’t going to work for everyone. Some babies won’t take pacifiers at all, some babies break out in the more expensive diapers. I never saw the point in a wipe warmer, since my baby doesn’t give a hoot if his wipes are warm or cold. I’m sure you get the point.

    • I totally get the point and I agree, it is all subjective. My blog is all opinion. I know it won’t work for everyone but this works for me. :) thanks so much for reading though. Glad to know someone is

      • For us, patents choice diapers and wipes work well for us. Pampers swaddlers broke out my little. We bought a case of Huggies wipes, not the natural care, but new ones I think, one and done or something. They were the texture of stridex pads, no lie. They also left fuzzies on her bum. So after calling the company I got 3 coupons, 2 $2.00& 1 $3.00 off. Not happy because that didn’t relplace the cost of a case when you can only use one on a product. Clever marketing if I’ve ever seen it. But I Plan on calling again. Their natural wipes find are too fragile. I have, on a regular basis, put my finger through them into a poopie. Not fun. But parents choice I find hard strong and soft, plus cheap. Just my experience.

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