Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Rocker Review


     I want to mention first that this Rocker was sent to me for free but the whole point of reviewing something is to be completely honest.

     So here’s the thing about this Rocker. My son loves it, and I just don’t know why. Any item for a child has to be liked by them, not the parent so I really can’t bring myself to complain. 

     Here are the big negatives I see, just to get it out of the way. Once again, this awesome and amazing item does not come with batteries. When I get something new for my child I want them to be able to use it right away. Without batteries, I really can’t do that. It’s not very hard to set up though which is good. My son’s dad got it set up within a matter of minutes so it was in use right away. The next thing I really don’t like though, is that for a “rocker” it really doesn’t rock much. My son has another rocker that doesn’t have toys on it but it does rock a lot and he loves that part. The fact that this one can recline is really cool, but it’s so hard to do that it takes two. When dad’s at work and my son wants to sit back or up I have to take him out and use my feet, hands, and head. Total pain in the butt.


     Other than those things though, it’s all worth it because my son completely loves it. I’ll be playing with him and he will screech and point till I put him in it. The toys are very easy to use and keep him entertained for a good half hour which gives me time to do things like this (blog) and he can relax a little too. The colors are bright, entertaining, clean, and the fact that it makes shaker sounds is incredibly stimulating for my little man. The vibration and music also keeps him interested. When he naps in the rocker I am sure the vibration helps with that too. The toy bar is easily removed too which helps when I’m trying to get him in there.

     Honestly, when I first saw this thing and testing it out I was prepared to write kind of a bad review but like I said, once my little man started using it and I saw how happy he was, I had to really change my mind and I would absolutely recommend this to you fellow parents.


9 thoughts on “Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Rocker Review

  1. I bought this rocker during a Black Friday day sale so my 4 month son would have an extra seat that will grow with him. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the straps and still really can’t get them to fit over his shoulders. I was wondering if you may know a trick to get them loose. When I first purchased it I let him sit in it with blankets not strapped in when he was right next to me but around a month later I did the same thing and turned my back for a second and he rolled right out onto the floor. ( I know my mistake .. He was perfectly fine laughing the whole time ) I might have to go look at it again because I would really like for him to actually use it since he still loves his bouncer chair at 10 months.

    • Oh man that doesn’t sound good. Do you have a picture maybe? We never had an issue with the straps, they worked like a backpack, and my son was a big boy while we were strapping him in. You might have a manufacturer defected item.

    • I just posted that I had the same issue and then we figured it out!

      Take the cover off the base. Once tou do that, the straps have enough slack to them that you are able to take them odd the plastic piece, put the cover back on and put it back through the straps (without wrapping it around the base this time)

      OR… Take the cover off. Take the back of the base off. Put the cover back on the back while it’s off, so you can slip the straps off the side. Then screw the back in again, and it should make it so the straps aren’t attached to the back and you can adjust it.

      I’m not sure if I’m explaining very well, so I hope you can figure it out. :)

      • Thank you for posting Avery :) When we got the chair, it was all in pieces and had to put it together ourselves completely. That must be why I didn’t have this issue.

  2. I’m having the same issue with the straps!

    The top straps are underneath the cover and wrap around the bar at the top. There’s no way to adjust the too straps to make it wide enough to fit a baby under them. We also can’t get the straps out in order to set them on the different levels. (It starts out in the middle, but we need to move the straps up higher.)

    At this point, it’s great for my toddler who has 7 other chairs to sit in, but unusable for the newborn it was purchased for :(

    • I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this. I’m not completely sure I remember. I think there was something on the sides to hold down… We gifted it on to a little cousin of Caleb’s.

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