Craigslist: “My Wife is Pregnant so We Can’t Have the Cat” RANT



     When we were in the search for our little Princess Stacey, my heart broke for so many kitties. I was pregnant at the time and yet I would see that statement on a good 40% of the posts. There is an old wives tail that says cats will suck the life out of your baby. My cat is the sweetest thing who does nothing but protect her little brother. I’ve never met a single cat that would hurt a baby. When you adopt an animal, it’s for life. Not just until something comes up. Another excuse I saw was that they wouldn’t have time to take care of a cat and a baby. It’s not that hard. I feed my little man and guess what, my cat cuddles right along with us. We can all co-exist with zero problems. It just frustrates me that people use having a child as an excuse to get rid of an animal. I understand if after you have the child there are problems and you need to re-home but while you are pregnant there is just no good reason.


2 thoughts on “Craigslist: “My Wife is Pregnant so We Can’t Have the Cat” RANT

  1. I used to volunteer with dog shelters and was frequently saddened by the reasons people parted with their dogs–new baby, too expensive, took too much time. When I adopted my own dog, it was with a commitment that he be mine till the end. I have found him more challenging since having my son, but still much more a joy (and beloved by my son).

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