Solids, Yum!

1926788_826666577350074_714602806_n     This is one topic that really needs a disclaimer. Before starting any solid, use your own good judgment and if you are unsure in any way then please talk to your child’s doctor. I can not tell you when it is time or how to start solids for your own child, this is simply a recount of what we are doing and why. The standard out there says to start introducing solids around 6 months and to only start with rice cereal and maybe fruits and veggies.

Well. My aunt/mom (long story for another post) is like any grandmother and she was anxious to get all the firsts over with so at Thanksgiving, where my son was not even two months old, she decided to give him potatoes and gravy. I was about ready to flip my lid as I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding and I thought I was a supporter of baby led weaning. In the end though, nothing happened to him and he really loved the idea of eating off of a spoon. I would be holding him while I ate and he’d reach for my utensil and he’d try to use it. So after some research and hard thought we decided that a little food here and there wouldn’t be a problem and would just be for fun.

At three months I started giving Caleb organic carrot puree that I was making for him. The first time it was only two little bites. He LOVED it. He took right to swallowing and the taste. The whole, eating off a spoon, thing was a little harder for him but now at five months he has it totally down. One thing I want you to take note of is that my little man was sitting with minimal assistance by then and had been holding his head up since birth with no problem. This is very important when introducing solids to avoid  choking and to teach the proper way to eat. Anyhow, I gave him carrots that first time and waited another week to feed him anything else. With no sign of a rash or upset tummy, carrots were decided to be something my aunt and Caleb’s dad and I could feed him without an issue. For the first two months (between three and five) we would give him very meager amounts. Bites here and there. We stopped just giving carrots and expanded to avocado and anything mushed that we were eating. These were purely for fun and a teaching activity to show him that food is meant for eating and this is how you do it. It didn’t affect my milk supply or his love of the booby.

Now at five months, which he turned on the 9th, we have expanded to sweet potatoes and boy does he love them. He ate half a jar with no problem a day past five months. The thing is we are only giving him solids once every few days/weeks. There is no real need for it. It’s nice to have a little break but we don’t feed him till he is full either, that way he can still wash it down with the booby milk. Yes, he has started to poop a ton more. It’s not more smelly or solid or anything like that. He seems more satisfied and he loves being able to eat with us. It’s a real treat.

Baby led weaning is something I used to fully support because all of my fellow peaceful parenting friends said it was best. For us at least, I just don’t think that is the case. The idea is to let the child decide when to eat and to only give them food you would eat, no mush. I think that the sooner you expand your child’s pallet the less picky they will be and I find it to be my duty to teach him how to eat. I’m all for breast is best, baby wearing, bed sharing, and unschooling, but this is one subject that my family has found another way that works and I’m going for it.

This is more of an intro to solids post for you though. My next post is going to be filled with recipes for first foods! I love making my son’s food. There is no better way to know what is going into your child’s body than that and it really takes no more time than making your dinner does. Anywho, be on the look out for my next post and feel free to post your experiences and tips in the comment. I’m also more than open to questions so ask away. Thanks for reading!




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