The Gift of Nap Time

Image     As any parent knows, Nap Time is a gift from the heavens. They can be used for all sorts of wonderful things such as naps for yourself, showers, house work, and relaxation time. The real key is that whatever you can’t do while holding or baby wearing your littles is what you should do while they are napping. So I could sit here while my little man is napping and tell you all the things I could be doing instead of this but instead I’ll let you know my secret: How to insure a perfect nap.

     One thing that is very important to insure a good nap is to stay in the same room as much as you can. Babies have an ability to sense when a parent is near and it also helps with their heart beat staying regular and breathing as well. When those things are altered, it can startle the little one, waking them up. Each time they wake up there is chance that nap time is over. 

     To help avoid that though, a huge factor is making sure everything is the same. If you were using a mobile and it turns off then when little one wakes up and notices that it will throw them off and halt them from going back to sleep. Same with any lights or music; pacifiers and eating included. These things are called sleep associations. As you fall asleep you are surrounded by certain things and if those things change your body notices and wakes you up. We as humans wake up several times during the night but because of these associations we don’t even know it because we can go right back to sleep.

     Something I consider important is to not have them nap in the same place they sleep at night. If you do they will consider their bed to be a place for naps, not long sleeping periods. So this is another way to help you get a refreshing night of sleep.

     Some babies, like mine, will associate certain items for their nap time. He always has his “Moomoo” and blankie with him. Without his Moomoo there is no napping happening. It’s a comfort. For babies who bed share it’s especially helpful because they are already used to sleeping with something.

     Thank you guys for reading and good luck with nap time. If you have any hints to share, please do! 



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