Love of Leap Frog-FOUR Item Reviews!

Topper     Yesterday we finally got Caleb’s room completely put together and I realized something. I have absolutely no complaints with any of the Leap Frog items that we own. They all serve a wonderful purpose; educational fun. My son, at five months, can use all of these objects to some extent, doesn’t get bored easily with them, and I feel comfortable letting him play with them even though two are “screens.” Also I want to mention that we own more than just these four things but I want to focus on them because they are in constant and current use around here.


Some people would wonder why flash cards would be so important to me, but let me just tell you, I’ve never seen such useful and helpful cards as these. One huge factor to me is that there are separate lower case and uppercase cards. Most cards out there have both on one card and I find that that can be very confusing for early learners. This way they can really focus on one shape at a time. The colors for each are a different shade of green also, great for easy sorting. The dog eared shape helps with organizing as well. The backs of the cards have pictures on them to illustrate each letter. You get two separate images which means two examples which opens the child up to seeing letters don’t just work for one word. A wonderful feature Leap Frog has provided is a card with activities on it. Most the time, you get a pack of cards and have to work with them your own way. You don’t think, oh hey these can be used ten different ways. Leap Frog has given us that option! You’re probably wondering why these are something we use when my son is only five months old. Well, I’m teaching him his letters and guess what. He already can identify A to E with no problem thanks to these cards. He loves holding and staring at them!


The LeapTop! Oh my goodness. For only $20 you get a customizable and totally educational learning tool for your little. Caleb is a tad too young to really get the full use of this but I love it already. The fact you can customize it makes it way above the rest. You can put different songs and messages on it for your littles which helps it not get too repetitive. It also has three settings. Animals, music, and alphabet. Each with fun animations and sounds to accompany the learning, it really keeps the kiddos happy and entertained. From birth to five years, this is an absolute must from Leap Frog.

LeapFrog Chat & Count Phone


This LeapFrog Chat & Count Phone is one small this that is great for when your in the car or on a walk with the stroller. Or any time really. All children love our fancy smart phones so give them their own! This adorable, easy to hold and use toy helps teach numbers, pretends to call, and plays music while the little puppy dances on the screen. $12 well spent. My little man will play with this in his car seat for half an hour no problem. He laughs at the puppy and I think he has figured out the cause and effect of each button. Great for coordination and entertainment all in one.


Now my, and Caleb’s, all time favorite. The Magic Moments Learning Seat! This right here is the best investment for any baby and should be on everyone’s wishlist. At first you put baby in and see a mirror, which is so much fun in itself. Anything with a mirror they can look at themselves with makes me happy. Even more amazing though, when you turn it on… IT IS A SCREEN. With three amazing settings, one that names the animal and colors, one that makes up cute rhymes about the animals, and one that names the composer and plays great classical music there is an endless supply of entertainment. The colors dance across the screen as it talks to baby. I say it that way too because at first I thought it wasn’t loud enough because I could barely hear it myself, but when I put my head by Caleb’s, I realized it was the perfect volume for him. This is the same for the Vibration feature. It seems to not do much but it’s more than enough for our littles. The other nice thing with the vibration is that if the seat doesn’t feel movement, it will shut off after about fifteen minutes which helps save the battery. In general, the battery life on this thing is amazing. I’ve had it since December, purchased it used with already old batteries, and it still works no problem. One MORE thing that is awesome is that baby kicking his feet also activates the screen. If they hit the feet board it plays a medley and colors dance across the screen in time with it. That is one feature I’ve never seen but once Caleb figured it out, he wouldn’t stop. It thrilled him to no end.

Over all, these are four items I would recommend to anyone. I love them all dearly and I am very judgmental when it comes to things my son gets to play with. So, check them out. Which Leap Frog item is your favorite? Let me know in the comments bellow. Thanks for reading!





2 thoughts on “Love of Leap Frog-FOUR Item Reviews!

  1. I absolutely loved the learning seat. I found a used one in 2012 and purchased for my first born. Well I just had a newborn and would love to find one for him. Do you know where I can find?

    • Oh wow, I just went on a little search and couldn’t find it in stock ANYWHERE. I would recommend checking out thrift stores, consignment shops, and ebay for it, because it’s sadly a discontinued item. I imagine they might have another seat that is similar, but I’m not sure. I hope you’re able to find one! I know we are hanging on to ours for future kiddos for sure.

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