Top Ten Registry Necessities


^My Baby Shower^

     Yesterday I went to my cousin’s baby shower and she really got a ton of things. There were 60+ people there and the present opening took almost two hours to finish. The thing is, besides what her mother and I got her, I saw a lot of clothes and not much of anything else. My cousin had a registry at both Babies R Us and Walmart but it was pretty empty and the only things on it (besides the Rocking Chair and baby Jacuzzi which she just wanted because they are awesome and it was a special treat) filled with pointless wishes. Her and I had been talking and she was too worried that anything else would be too expensive or she didn’t know what she really needed. Which is why I went out and got her all the things I use on a regular bases and the things she had told me she really wanted but was afraid to put on the registry.

Let me tell you wonderful expectant parents, baby showers and registries are meant to help you get items you wont be able to afford or even just things you want and think are cool. I made the same mistake, I kept a lot of things off of my registry because I didn’t think it was worth the price. It turned out that I was very wrong and now I hope this list will help you when it’s your turn for the registry.

1) Diapers! Ask for Size 1, 2, and 3 diapers. The hospital is going to give you a lot of Newborn Diapers and before you know it you will be in size 1 anyway.

2) A Baby Carrier. I recommend the Mei Tai at Babies R Us if you are worried about prices. It’s a good starter wrap and only $25.

3) A… Mombo! To be honest with you, I’ve never had one of these (sadly!) but with all the reviews and things I’ve seen plus after checking out the one my cousin got, I had to add this. It comes with a thing inside that vibrates, is double sided so it can be used comfortably for breastfeeding and lounging. Also, you can get a toy bar for it which I would love for my little man who loves to be in his Boppy. If not a Mombo though, another breastfeeding pillow is a must.

4) Highchair, preferably a 3 in 1 highchair that can be used for newborn to toddlers. It’s expensive, yes, but well worth it. It fits into a kitchen, can be used while you eat or do dishes, and it will be used for at least one full year.

5) Bouncer Seat. These are small, compact jewels, that every parent needs. This way no matter which room you are in, like the bathroom while you shower, baby can be comfy and entertained.

6) Crib/Toddler Bed. The ones where it grows with your child are well worth asking for. Even if baby isn’t in the Crib at first, eventually it will be and it’s a staple piece of the nursery all together. I co-sleep so I was hesitant saying this but even I have a crib that my son safely naps in.

7) No Clothes! Everyone will get you clothes if you put any on your registry. Instead, ask for gift cards to Babies R Us, Walmart, and anywhere else. This allows you to pick clothes without being overwhelmed and forced on you.

8) Car Seat/Stroller Combo. These are a huge money sucker that you need no matter what. Even if no one on your registry can afford this, they might pitch in together and get it for you and that is a huge help for most parents.

9) Play Mats. Tummy time is super important for baby as it grows so adding a fun mat to your registry will help with baby’s development. These are not always pricey but it’s an extra expense new parents don’t need or think of.

10) Last but not least… very specifically Comfort & Harmony’s Snuggle Stay Blanket. They are a must have. Babies have a tendency to kick off blankets and these are a life saver. They fit over car seats and bouncers perfectly.


11) Jumper or Exersaucer. These are a great thing. My son LOVES them. Doctors don’t recommend them till at least four months but Caleb has always loved them. It keeps him entertained, it’s a real work out, and I believe us putting him in them is part of why he isn’t a clingy baby that always want to be held; he has something to do when we put him down.


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