Mommy, Pass Me the MaM!


I have one very picky pacifier baby. After trying every darn brand out there, from Playtex to Nuk and having him spit them right into our face or scream at us like we must have lost our mind, we broke down and spent an extra couple dollars to get the MaM brand. We will never go back; I have zero regrets.

First of all, the ones we get… they glow! I’m sorry, I know that seems like something minor, but if you have a baby waking up in the night in need of a pacifier and getting extra fussy, you know turning on the light helps nothing. Since these wonderful things glow, you can find it quickly getting both you and baby back to sleep quickly and painlessly.

Another thing an ever so fashionable and gender lax mommy like me loves, is how versatile the designs are. They are lovely! My son’s favorite is the pink and purple kitty one. He laughs at it and always picks it over his blue bear. With the matching and very well priced pacifier clips, my little man is the belle of the ball or man of the hour or whatever you’d prefer for me to say.

Something that is majorly important to us is to avoid nipple confusion for my little nursling. He is going onto seven months of Breastfeeding so this relationship means everything to us. MaM provides an amazing nipple replica compared to all other pacifiers. It’s big enough to feel like mine and soft enough to not hurt his teeth. There are also rubber bumpers so that it doesn’t get suctioned to his face or make awkward, painful looking indents.

One more plus is that at Walgreens, I get two of these wonderful pacifiers for… take a guess! Yeah not even close. I get them for THIRTY CENTS. They have the best price, plus free coupons, plus great member benefits. With that kind of price, there is not a single reason to not buy such amazing pacifiers. Go for it my friends. I’m not saying they are what your little will like, but it’s what I will always recommend.


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