Embrace the Milestones! (Six Month Area)


As all parents know, up until about six months the little ones are pretty dormant. You can play but it’s not as though they are sitting or really playing by them selves or you know… biting things with their teeth! At six months though, everything changes. Like anyone, I was a bit panicked… then I saw how happy my little man was to gain so much independence. So here it is, how to embrace the milestones!

Sitting Up Solo- When Caleb suddenly sat by himself (his Grandpa sat him on the ground and that’s the way he stayed) my instant reaction was to cry! Then, to grab the camera and watch as he got to really play. Of course before he could roll around a little and grab at things and what not, but now that he sits, he can reach for far away toys, he can pick things up and examine them with his eyes, not just mouth. He’s become able to play with others as well. He’ll be face to face with his friends and I can tell how thrilled he is. Things that can help with the sitting practice is getting a wobble ball. Something that when touched will wobble away from them a little bit gives them something to reach for, improves balance, and helps strengthen stomach muscles that will in turn help with the soon coming crawling.

Ouch, he Bit Me- Teeth. Oh my goodness teeth. As a nursing mother, it’s a fairly tragic time for the nipple when teeth start to sprout. I’ve been fighting through it though and although I’ve been bitten plenty, Caleb’s been pretty good about not biting while he nurses… just when he wants to switch boobs or is full. There have been a lot of benefits though. With his two little teeth, my son is able to chew food. Yes, I’m all for breastfeeding full term. Food is fun though. He’s been able to sit at the table with us and eat squares of cheese and chicken. Caleb is so excited to be able to eat with us instead of before or after. It’s a real bonding experience to share a meal with your whole little family and it does give you a break from having to nurse and try to eat. The food doesn’t seem to get cold as easily anymore.

Bababababble- Oh my goodness, he’s found out that his tongue is the key to different sounds. It’s amazingly endearing to hear how much he wants to have a conversation… so do! You can talk back or you can babble right along with him. Either way, it’s a time for teaching. Teaching sounds, words, meanings, and how conversations work. A back and forth reaction from you inspires a long lived ability to communicate properly. You will be amazed at how well babies are at knowing when to respond.

Oh no, mobile- That’s right. Once they start sitting, the almost crawling and tons of rolling will make your life hectic, terrifying, and thrilling! Can’t leave them alone for even a minute once this starts or you risk them bashing into things, you could miss their first real crawl, or you could let them choke on that random penny the thoughtless guest dropped this morning. Either way, your super human powers emerge and you now have the ability to hear even the slightest movement. It’s okay though. It’s just one more step toward independence. Your little miracle is growing and the only one who can help them, is you. You’re doing good mama. Or dada. Or other parental figure. Keep it up!


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