Discipline or Love? All You Need is Love!

I’d like to share a comment I made on a post regarding a 15 year old boy beating a 14 year old. Most of the other comments said that we needed more discipline such as spanking. This was my response, ” I don’t agree that it has anything to do with discipline or tv. Tv was more violent when I was a kid but my generation didn’t feel the need to act that way. I think that parents have such a detached way of raising kids now thay violence and anger is just an expression of the lack of love and support they needed and didn’t receive. If parents would take the time to love their children and guide them hand in hand to be happy, make positive decissions, and not have to feel angry and frustrated then we would have a much more peaceful world. Why is discipline the first thing we jump to? Look at history. Discipline leads to rebellion. If we lead the way in a peaceful way with love and respect then more than likely we will actually get through to our children. Showing them that you have to yell, spank, and talk down to them only shows them what to do to the next person. A mutually respectful relationship with our kids can allow them to blossom and pass on that goodness and respect to others. #AttachmentParentingfortheWin”


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