Even Formula Babies know… Breast is Best!


This picture is from a little while ago. My friends and I were out bowling and the little man got hungry so I did what any lucky breastfeeding mother would do. I whipped out the boob and fed my little man. When it was my turn I got up, continuing to feed him, and bowled! I felt like super woman. Breastfeeding has been such an amazing experience for us and I wish that is what this post is all about, but it’s not.

Man I wish I had a picture of what it is about for all of you. It was quite a funny sight. This afternoon I was sitting on my mom’s bed feeding Caleb and my cousin had her son on the bed as well. As soon as Caleb latched on and I felt the let down, my cousin’s son tried to push Caleb out of the way and get to the boob himself! I laughed like crazy and then it just made me feel really sad for him. Formula lacks so many nutrients and the immuno benefits that breastfeeding provides. This poor baby wont ever get to experience that again. He doesn’t even get the bonding time of being held in his mother’s arms and snuggled into a milk drunk cloud of happiness. I am so fortunate to be able to breastfeed and to know that what I’m doing is best for my little man. Now I know that this post has probably already made a lot of people angry. Here’s the thing… She didn’t stop breastfeeding because she couldn’t, or that she was ignorant of the benefits, or that she needed to go back to work. There was no admiral reason. She just wanted to be able to have a drink any time she wanted. I’m not saying she is a bad parent. She isn’t. She also isn’t an alcoholic. The bottom line though is that she has made a choice to provide her child with formula, keeping him fed, happy, and healthy, just not as happy and healthy as he was when he was breastfed. My son is almost seven months old and hasn’t been any more sick than one time having the sniffles at the same time I did. Her son has had ear infections, respiratory problems, and a continuous cold since she stopped breastfeeding and I can’t help but feel as though that really is the reason for his health problems. He was a happy and very healthy baby before he was given formula. This is some what of a rant, I know, and it’s not a very positive thing to talk about, but it’s heavy on my heart and I think it needs to be out there. If a baby who hasn’t been fed from a boob for seven+ months jumps at the first chance he gets for one… I think it means something. Breastfeeding is not only the best way to go, but rather the natural, down to our molecular structure way to parent. This is not me bashing parents who give their children formula. I know that some people have good reasons that they need to and no matter what they love their child enough to feed them. Formula feeding is hard! You have to get up, warm the water not in the microwave, measure the formula, stay up and feed the baby in the night, wash and sterilize bottles, and deal with common complications such as colic, constipation, and a tendency to get sick more often and stay sick longer. I have it easy! If Caleb happens to wake up for a snack, I just plop the boob in his mouth and we both go back to sleep. I guess the moral of the story is that if you have the chance to breastfeed, please do. You wont regret it.


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