Why Does Our Son Have a Pony Tail!?


My son is almost seven months old. His favorite things include: Boobie Time, Snuggle Mama Sleepy Time, Play Time, and the Color Pink.

The color pink you say! Yes, the color pink. He even picked out his own Bright Pink Thirty-One bag. He put it over his shoulder at the party and the consultant let him keep it. He picks the pink balls out of his ball pit to play with. He loves my pink ball of yarn so much more than the other and when my friend came over with a pink scarf he snatched it right from her and it became one of his lovvies. I support this love of pink 100% and you want to know why? Because he has confidently made a choice of what he likes one way or another.

We as adults live in a world where the color pink is stereotypically called girly. This along with things such as having our hair done up or playing with dolls is considered something that only girls do and I have heard, ignorant and ridiculous as it sounds, that boys doing or liking these things will turn them gay. What? Did that really come out of someone’s mouth? Turned gay by taking care of a toy the way a father does? Turned gay by liking a bold and fun color? Turned gay by being made cute the same way girls are? You put a little girl’s hair in a pony tail and you are sure to hear how cute it is. When I do it I hear… why would you do that? Why would you put up a boy’s hair? Well a second ago when you thought he was a girl you though it was cute. What’s so different now? Also, I’ve heard the argument, why would you do that when he doesn’t want his hair up? Well, he does want it up. I put his hair up as a joke one day, with no fuss from him, and then showed him in the mirror. He touched it and giggled with glee. If he had reacted negatively in any way then I would have taken it out.

The only reason we have a negative reaction is because of a ridiculous stereotype that our society places on these innocent little souls. I have decided and sworn to let my son decide who he is in every aspect of life. If his favorite color is pink, then I’ll let him pick out the bright pair of pink sneakers when he’s twelve. If he wants to join ballet, that is what he’s going to do. On the other hand, if he wants to play football and wear nothing but black, that’s okay too! Children need the freedom to blossom their own way without our silly stereotypes getting in the way. Don’t assume your child wants a car. Let them choose and if they pick out a doll instead, encourage a loving relationship between them and the doll. Letting your son play with a doll wont make them grow up gay, but it may just help them grow up into a great father.


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