Why I Spend 60% of My Time on the Floor


In our family we are all equal. We all deserve happiness, attention, and a close connection. I spend a good amount of time with my fiance but my son and I spend even more time with how much Corey works, sleeps, and plays on the computer. The truth of the matter is that I hate being on the floor. I’m over weight and getting up and down hurts. Even more, laying there squishes me in weird ways and really isn’t that comfortable. Caleb is almost seven months, tomorrow he will be, and that means he’s become a total floor baby. He’s constantly trying to crawl or he’s sitting up like a big boy and passing the ball back and forth between his daddy or I. A lot of parents buy things like jumpers and exersaucers so that at times like this they can just place baby in it and go on their way. That would be against our way of parenting, and that’s why I spend so much time on the floor.

When you get down to eye level and you really talk to and react with your baby they learn so many things. Conversational skills develop between six and twelve months. In order for baby to learn properly how to converse and what words mean they need their parents nearly constant and loving attention. Caleb will babble at me and I will either babble right back or tell him things. We talk about love, numbers, how much I want to see him be happy, and how good he really is. His expressions are many and he really has an opinion. When I tell him that his sissy (our kitty) doesn’t want him to grab her fur he will shout back and look at me all concerned like because that’s exactly what he wants and he’s objecting. On the other hand, I will talk to the other babies around us and depending on my tone of voice they might react but I know their home life is very different and that is exactly why they wont react the way that Caleb does. I sacrifice a sore back and some personal time because I know it’s best for my little man. It gives me the ability to react to him, make him feel secure, and let him know that he’ll never have to be along or scared because mommy will always be here for him.

I’ve had people tell me that my blog makes them upset and sounds like I’m bashing them. I’m not trying to make people feel bad or guilty. The only thing I want is for parents to realize that a peaceful and loving, child centered, way of parenting can really improve the lives of their children and themselves. It’s a real blessing in my eyes to see my child smile and talk to me. Then when we are out and about he’s confident enough that I’ll be there for him that he’s willing to go to any stranger. He doesn’t fuss or worry about where I am and after a little while when he’s done with the new person he will find me and I’ll gather him back into my arms. This attachment style of parenting is all about taking away stress and building trust, respect, and confidence between you and your child. So fellow parents, get down on the ground with your little ones. Talk to them. Don’t assume that they have nothing to say because boy are you wrong! Children have amazing minds, no matter how young, and the best thing you can do is help them bloom.

Thanks for reading my lovely readers. You are wonderful and loving parents. No matter how you do it, as long as your child is fed, happy, healthy, and clean you are a great parent.


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