Mommi Sami’s First Mother’s Day!


What a day! So many things to report. First off, I’ve heard a lot of moms saying how they had a horrible day because their significant others didn’t do anything. I hate saying things like this but as always, this is my blog, my opinions. If you look at Mother’s Day as a day for your significant other to spoil you and that’s it, then you’re missing the real point of being a mother. The main focus should have been spending time with your little ones and seeing how much they love you. I can see complaining if you have a 3+ year old and they didn’t do anything or even say Happy Mother’s Day because at that point it’s dad’s responsibility to show them how to honor their mother. Otherwise, just be happy you have a beautiful, smart, loving child. Boy’s aren’t always that smart. They don’t realize they need to do things for us when our little ones can’t. Cut them some slack.

Anyhow, now that I’m done ranting, overall it was a very pleasant day. Woke up to Corey being gone to work but my little love, the wonderful Caleb Phillips, smiling and snuggling me. It was like saying, oh hey Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day! We hung around for a while, did a little much needed cleaning, took a shower, and then Caleb snuggled and nursed into a nap. What a peaceful and happy morning. Then to actually celebrate, my aunt, also known as my mom, picked us up to go to a family barbeque where all the babies got to play together, I got to sit on my butt eating delicious food, and everyone generally had a wonderful time. Then, as a wonderful surprise, my aunt went and picked up Corey for me so that we could sleep over her house. It’s so nice being with them because I really get a break from Caleb. No, I don’t need a break. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else hold him and give him some food and… well… to just have the time to sit by myself for a bit and do things like this. It was a good first Mother’s Day though simply because I couldn’t be happier to be the mother of Mr. Caleb. He lights up my life and makes me the happiest person in the entire world.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time and can feel as loved as I do. I also hope you all managed to get a picture with your little ones and moms. I did neither of those things and now that I’ve realized it, man I wish I had of! Pictures are a wonderful way to make memories so take a million if you have to. It’s worth it. Someday you might be old and senile and you will really need them plus the people around you may not always be around to see your little ones and pictures and videos are how they can see them growing up.


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