Lansinoh and the Many Wonderful Uses


First of all, I just need to point out the customer service this company provides. No, it’s not even customer service, it’s general human connection and an amazing way to be treated by any company. I emailed them and within days I had a personalized email telling me that they would love to work with me. Then a few more days later in the mail there was a wonderful package containing not only these three wonderful products but a handwritten post card and a hand typed and personalized letter. I’ve worked with a few companies, and I love them dearly, but I never imagined that I’d get to work so closely with a company that makes such important and amazing items. The note card says, “Congrats on your amazing work breastfeeding Caleb! Really looking forward to working with you. I hope you enjoy these products!” I want to thank Lansinoh for being a company that is willing to take time from their busy and personal life to talk to the “little people” that use their products.

Now onto the reviewing part. In the letter their Public Relations Manager, Aubrey, made a very good point. I’m on month seven breastfeeding. For the traditional use of cracked nipples I do not need the Lanolin so much anymore and same with the gel pads. Guess what though… Caleb has teeth! He has a bad habit of biting down when he falls asleep nursing or since he’s such a smart little bugger when he wants to switch sides. The “Soothing Gel Pads” felt amazingly on my sore nipples. It’s such a nifty thing. They are reusable for 72 hours as long as they don’t end up soaked with milk and the gen stays attached to your bra very well so that it doesn’t move around like most of the gel pads I’ve seen do. For $10.99 the relief you get makes all the difference. Worth every penny when you’re so sore you feel bruised.

Lanolin is a whole different story. This is an amazing product and being the purest out there I can really trust it to be safe for my child and me alike. When I was just starting out I don’t think we would have survived without Lansinoh’s Lanolin that was gifted to me when Caleb was born. It really kept the nipples from being cracked and I didn’t have to remove it before nursing which made life easy for me especially at night. Now that I’ve built up some strength breastfeeding, I’ve found another amazing use for Lanolin! Caleb sadly gets eczema very badly; I did when I was younger as well. The solution? Lansinoh’s Lanolin. All we have to do is dab a little bit on all of his eczema spots and within a few hours it is healed and smooth as a “baby’s bottom.” Corey, my fiance, also has very chapped lips and this works wonders on that as well.

The last item sent to me was their Disposable Nursing Pads. I’m a huge stickler on nursing pads. Until now the only one I had loved and used daily was Walgreen’s Well Beginnings brand. They were cheap and soft. The problem with those for me is that once they were a little wet it would clump up too much. Lansinoh’s are Not too much more expensive and for the quality, with how soft, just thick enough, leak-proof, and the fact it doesn’t crinkle up makes paying a few extra dollars more than worth it for me.

I would certainly say my favorite of the products was the Lanolin because nothing else had given my son the relief he needed. It’s not even marketed for it but has been a real blessing for us. I would recommend it to everyone. It’s the kind of item you keep in the diaper bag at all times. You never know when you will need it.

Over all though, I am so happy to be partnered with Lansinoh because it’s a company I really can believe in. They treat people wonderfully and they create products that improve the quality of life for nursing mom’s and parents alike.


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