Daddy Knows Best? I Thought it Was Mama…


I will be the first to admit that on more than one occasion I have said to Corey, give me Caleb I know what he wants, and I’ve been wrong.

Not only was I wrong because I had no idea what he wanted and it frustrated him more, but I was wrong for assuming that Corey didn’t know what was wrong. As a mother, we feel as though we will always know our child best and therefore everyone else is on the outside and can’t possibly take care of our child as well as we can. For the most part of course this is true. We feed baby, snuggle them, and everything else we are supposed to but sometimes we need to realize that they have two parents. Dad is a very important person in baby’s life and as a whole, mothers need to start passing off the reigns to fathers a lot more often.

This picture was taken when Caleb first started teething. He was fussing and just really uncomfortable seeming. Me being mom grabbed him assuming he was hungry or needed to comfort nurse. All that did was frustrate him and I and he started freaking out on me. I felt so bad not knowing what to do and Corey told me to let him hold Caleb and at first I refused. I actually told him, “No he needs mommy.” Boy was I wrong. After another five minutes or so of being upset, I finally agreed to let Corey hold him while I readjusted myself and boom… No more fussing. He just snuggled in with his dad and passed right out. Caleb was trying to tell me that he was overstimulated and he really needed to snuggle and rest. My little man was not much of a snuggler, I didn’t pick up on his cues, but somehow daddy just knew.

Since that day I’ve really been giving Corey the chance to take over and be the dad he wants to be and I’m so glad I have. Every day when he comes home from work Caleb gets so excited. Corey will grab the baby backpack and take Caleb for a little work, which gives me a great break to shower or even just sit in silence. Now that Caleb has two engaged parents life has gotten easier. I don’t have to worry about getting the chores done and focusing on Caleb 24/7. I can let Corey take care of him and do my own thing. It’s something important for all parents to know. Mom’s are only half of the equation.

Thanks for reading all my lovelies! If you want to email me privately, feel free at and please tell what you think.

Life is good.


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