Crawling, Cruising, and Climbing! Baby Proof Time


Good Lord, when people tell you not to wish your child was mobile, believe them!

Of course, like any parent I am so proud that my son is such a strong crawler, that he can cruise any room and stand up without a struggle, and that he’s got serious balance and powerful legs that allow him to climb up onto things. It’s made it a whole lot harder to get anything done though! He’s at the age where he has to be watched nearly all of the time because on top of being able to do all those things, he has no fear. I’m grateful that my living room, despite the TV being in here and having that be totally breakable, it’s still pretty much baby proof. Caleb has plenty to cruise on, he’s got the cool V-tech train to use, and he’s got an entire toy box at his disposal.

So what’s the point of this post? Well, for one, I just like to brag a little bit that my eight month old is doing so well… but it’s for safety.

Here is a list of basic things to Baby Proof:

Tables Should Have Bumpers (Walmart Sells Great Bumpers)

Outlets Need Covers

All Cabinets need Locks (I recommend the ones on the front so they can’t open at all.)

Blind Strings should be Put Up

Toys Should be Checked for Chipped Paint (throw all chipped toys away-risk of lead)

Toys Should be Checked for ANY Broken Pieces

Those are Just Basics that most homes are aware of before baby is even born. The most important thing to do to make sure your child is safe is to get down on your hands and knees. As adults we don’t always see the small things that babies can be hurt on. Little items to go in his mouth and small things she could bump her head on are usually there, but we don’t even notice. So please, take a few minutes each day to look around the lower parts of your home to keep your little ones safe.

Thanks for reading everyone! If there is anything you think I missed, feel free to comment!



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