Nursing in Public and Online-Why Not Just Cover? Here’s Why


Again and again I read the comment, “What’s so hard about covering?” The worst part is how many of the people are fellow nursing mothers. This statement/question comes from ignorance. It comes from people being told that breasts are sexual. It comes from formula companies pushing their “perfect” (do you feel the sarcasm) products. Here’s the reality and why I believe that people should be posting nursing pictures online and should not cover in public. **Disclaimer** I am not dissing mothers who do cover. I am proud of you for giving your child the best food you possibly can and if you have to cover to keep doing it, please do. Some kids need covers as well because they get too distracted so it really helps.

Why to Not Hide:

1) We need to normalize Breastfeeding! The sad truth is that Americans, and really just Americans, have sexualized these fatty bags on our chest. Boobs are for feeding children. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t fill with milk when we get pregnant. When we cover it makes it seem like we are embarrassed about doing this 100% natural thing. It makes it seem like there is something to hide and that it could be considered wrong. Breastfeeding is something to celebrate, it is beautiful, and frankly the big argument I see is that it’s inappropriate but what do you really see? My photo here isn’t a great example. I did that purposefully. I’m proud of nursing. Most of the time though, if I’m in public, you can’t see anything at all. My son has a big freaking head and he covers my whole breast and most of my tummy.

2) It gets hot! The hardest part for us when we first started, and still used a cover, was that it was too hot for my son. He’d be sweating and would stop eating and get fussy. Have you ever tried eating with a blanket over your head? Go ahead and try. It’s not fun.

3) Covers draw more attention. For my son at least, it was useless. He would push the dang thing off. On top of that, I’d be revealing so much more when he did cause it’s so much harder to latch that way.

4) It’s hard to bond, a huge benefit to breastfeeding, when you go to look at your baby and get met with a blanket. Eye contact between mom and baby are so important and help both stay focused and relax.

5) When it comes to online, parents are proud to feed their child from a bottle. People say to me all the time I shouldn’t post nursing pictures. Why? I’m so proud that my son is a good eater. I want to share that. Again though, it comes with normalizing something that is considered so taboo!

So my dears, if you can do it, please nurse whenever and wherever you want. Be proud. You are doing the best thing for your baby.

Thanks for reading! Feel more than free to share your nursing photos in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Nursing in Public and Online-Why Not Just Cover? Here’s Why

  1. I love this post. I gave up on trying to use the shield in public. My daughter didn’t like it over her head & it was a pain in the butt. I fed every 2 hours. Prepping myself & my daughter just to cover to make others feel comfortable was not an option anymore. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, why should I feel embarrassed by it or feel funny that other feel embarrassed. If they feel weird, I am sorry they are the one with the problem. It is a breast people! All us ladies have them. Get over it! I think nursing is beautiful. I had many nursing photos. I am proud of them. I am glad that you are as well.

    • Well good for you ny friend! We should all be proud not just of nursing but of our bodies. All women have the same parts. they are simply milk bags. Nothing sexual. Nothing to be ashamed of. I’m happy you are one more person to help support normalizing breastfeeding.

      • Absolutely! I breastfed until my milk ran up at one year. I had 3 bouts with mastitis, one of which landed me in the hospital 3 days & I would still do it again. It was what was best for my daughter. People thought I was insane for this. Just go to formula. NOPE! Breast feeders me proud!

      • Wow! Good for you Mama! That is a lot of work right there. I’m almost nine months into this whole thing and I don’t feel like it will be ending anytime soon. My goal is essentially until Caleb wants to stop.

  2. Hi Sami,
    Nice piece on why not to cover. I’m totally for not covering up when feeding – it’s your choice, but let me tell you why I choose to cover up. I don’t cover up to hide the boobs. Actually, I really couldn’t give a crap who sees my boobs. It’s really about not wanting to expose my squished up, not yet lost all of the baby weight skin, that invariably shows when accessing the boobs if you are wearing anything except for a flip down nursing top. You know, when you are in that inbetweeny stage of not fitting into pre pregnancy clothes but have lost enough weight that maternity clothes are too big. That’s why I cover up. I nursed both children until they decided to stop which was around 13 months for each and I got so sick of wearing nursing clothes just to be able to access the boobs when out. I yearned to wear a nice dress, even one that zipped up at the back!! Can you imagine the looks you would get if you unzipped your dress and then pulled it off both shoulders while uncovered?? That is why I cover up.
    I also had to use a nipple shield for a really long time with my first. That can be a little embarrassing to bust out in public so it was nice to have a cover for that. Having started out with one of those apron style covers that are so difficult to use and finding it ridiculously annoying I designed my own cover which are sold at These covers come in 3 different sizes – because those other covers really do not account for different shapes and sizes or different size babies, and cover front back and sides while still allowing for eye to eye contact with baby and great airflow. I really feel so strongly that if, like so any other people, you are hating your current cover, you really should try mine. If you prefer to cover while nursing, these covers will change your life. I know.

    • Well thank you for commenting. I completely understand. Not everyone can be comfortable with their body after having a baby. I hear a lot of people just use two shirts, one goes up, the other goes down, but that makes sense. I do review a lot of items on here so if you are interested I may be able to work with you to promote your product.

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