When to Bite Your Tounge -The Terrible Public Parents-

This one I don’t have a picture for because the picture I took made me very uncomfortable to share or even own and has already been deleted.

My little family takes the bus everywhere, we don’t drive, and on our trip out today it was incredibly hot. Because of this we went into a laundry mat right near the bus stop in order to stay cold. That’s when the trouble started.

I’m a very opinionated person and I always stick up for children. Unlike most people who keep their thoughts to themselves and say, well it’s not my kid so I can’t say anything, I almost always speak right up. If you smoke in a no smoking area, I will tell you to move and stand there reminding you until you do. If you have a car seat on top of a grocery cart, I will tell you the dangers and until you fix it for your child’s safety I will go on and on or even report you. Children come first to me. I don’t care what anyone else thinks and don’t care about making friends. Today though, I bit my tongue and I bit it hard.

Soon as we got into the laundry mat this lady started screaming. Not just loud but the kind of scream that makes you know she’s been doing it for longer than just today. She scared me a little bit and my son who was on the ground playing happily crawled over to be comforted. A child that was with her, that I hope and pray was not her’s, spilled a tiny bit of Gatorade, I mean two quarter sized spot, onto a chair. The woman, I was going to say lady but that would not describe this beast, starts screaming at the child calling him stupid and bad and saying so many horrible things. Then the little girl with her starts to cry a little, what child wouldn’t after the screaming, and the woman picked her up and slammed her into the wet chair still screaming at her and saying she wouldn’t deal with it.

I opened my mouth, prepared for a fight, and stopped. Like I said, the child comes first. Well, the best thing I could do for these children is keep my mouth shut and not provoke their obviously very stressed and disrespectful care taker. Calling the cops or child services on this woman would not do a thing. As far as I know, she is not abusing them the way the laws define. For those children, I didn’t tell her that they were just kids, that they have all the same feelings we do, that she was making an embarrassment out of herself, and she was scaring those children emotionally. I stood there, looking out the window, and praying that those children were not her own; praying that they would be saved before something that can’t be fixed happens. Did I do the right thing? I’m not positive. I feel like I could have done more. As soon as I got on the bus I wished that I had saved the picture or gotten a video and her name or that I did call the cops. At the time though, all I could think about was saving the children from the anger she would have had for me.

Thank you for reading you guys. I really do appreciate it. Tell me what you think. Would you have done it differently?


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