Personal Peace and the Affect on Your Home


I used to be super anxious when it came to my house. It got to the point I’d force my three week old little baby sit in his high chair, when all he wanted was to snuggle, just so I could get the “chores” done. I cared so much about what others thought that I put my son second. I know, totally doesn’t sound like me right? Well, a lot has changed since then.

My house is what I call manageable now. I get the dishes done when I can so that I can cook. The floors are cleared for my son’s safety. The laundry gets washed and dried about once a week. I’m okay with this though. I am actually a thousand times more okay with it than I was when my house was spotless. There are of course times I wish it was a little cleaner, the times when I haven’t had a moment to myself to get things done and my aunt comes by and makes a comment here or there, but most of the time I’m just happy that I have an apartment to clean or make a mess in.

This feeling of peace though is because I know my son is worth every little comment and every pushed to the side dish. You could spend three hours a day making sure your house is spotless. Even more, you can wait till your child is napping and try to clean in those moments. The sacrifices are great though. If you are always cleaning, those are hours that you could be spending with your child learning something new, playing with trains, reading, or just generally being there for them. If you try to fit it all in while they nap, you have zero time for yourself.

My first transition from cleaning constantly to where I am now had a time where I tried to fit everything into naps. Man was I burnt out. Showers just didn’t happen, I never got to enjoy a book or show, and I certainly had no time to blog like I do now. Thankfully I did get burnt out though. In a way, I just quit and boy did it feel good! My son and I started really communicating, I could relax and even Corey started seeing that I was, “Not so B****y” because my stress levels were much lower.

Now I am not saying to give up on house work all together. I think there is a good medium in there that really can work for everyone. Another big thing, ask for help. Your significant other might just be willing to help more than you realize. Corey has been a real blessing. He comes home from work now and takes Caleb right away out for a walk so that I can shower in total peace. On top of that, he does some of the house work like trash, unloading the dish washer, and even vacuuming.

Either way, as long as you feel happy with the way your house looks and the choices you make, good for you.

Thank You for Reading!


2 thoughts on “Personal Peace and the Affect on Your Home

  1. Thank YOU for sharing. I totally needed to read this today. So many pieces of my life feel out of control. The laundry, dishes, finances. I have to remember in moments like this where it all feels out of control, that not a single bit of that defines me in any way. :)

    • I am so happy to hear that I could help even the littlest bit. Honestly, you are doing great. A little mess is not the reflection of you as a person or a parent. That smile on your kiddos face because you are snuggling them does. Good for you. :)

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