How Much Freedom is Too Much Freedom (for a 9 month old)


First of all… Happy Nine Months to Caleb!

What a great and amazing nine months it has been.

So here’s the scenario. As I sit here and type, my son is playing in the hallway off of the living room. A few minutes ago, he was even farther away and out of my sight in the kitchen. To be clear, I just cleaned the kitchen an hour ago and I know it’s completely clean and safe for him. On the other hand, I am human and you never know what could happen. Does this amount of freedom make me a bad parent?

I am going to say no. Some people look at me crazy when I tell them I let him do this. The majority tell me if I’m going to let him play by himself like this then I’m not practicing attachment parenting. Some tell me that my child is too independent and it’s my job to watch over him and occupy him. What they don’t see, or in reality just choose not to remember, is that I’m breastfeeding, bed sharing, baby wearing, and playing with him 80% of the time we’re together. My son knows that if he needs me for any reason that I am here and will take care of him. All of his needs are being met. People look at this so strangely though because they expect him to be needy. They expect him to be up my butt.

This is where I believe Attachment Parenting gets a bad rap but that idea is wrong. Attachment Parenting makes children more independent. When they don’t have to be afraid of anything, when they trust that mama and daddy will always be there, they aren’t afraid of going off with strangers or wandering a room away. I think that allowing him to do that boosts his confidence and him knowing that I’m not afraid for him and that I trust him boosts it even more. A confident child is happy, outgoing, and in touch with his own feelings. This freedom I’m giving him could be considered dangerous for someone so young but I honestly believe it’s part of raising my child personally.

Tell me what you think. Comments or emails. As always, Thanks for Reading!


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