Frozen from a Mother’s, Or Just My Non-Cynical, Perspective


So I recently read something that I’m still struggling to process without laughing hysterically. There is this guy, and apparently many other people as well, on the internet trying to tell us that “Let it Go” is about disobeying your parents. That the whole movie is about doing what you want even if it will get others hurt. I call Bull.

The first thing wrong with any of these negative assumptions is the reality that children are no where near cynical enough for that. These articles are being written by adults that are looking for the negative. This whole movie is meant for children under the age of 13. At that age, children as a whole are not looking for reasons to disobey their parents, their hormones do enough of that, but rather they are watching a movie to enjoy the music they will annoy their parents with for the next five months. They aren’t going to listen to Let it Go and say, oh I should do whatever I want even if the people I love get hurt. No, that’s what an adult hears because they don’t want children to defy them and already think that is what children do.

The next huge issue is that the song actually has a really great meaning. Elsa is trapped for years because she is different and those differences are considered strange and wrong so her own parents for her to hide who she is. This is like the parents who are against their children being gay and try to force them back into the closet causing them huge amounts of shame and pain. Once Elsa is free to be who she is, she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone in this process may I add, she is finally happy and it starts allowing her to have confidence and be a better person till someone tries to once again make her feel bad. This entire movie is about love and how showing each other trust and acceptance can make everything better.

Even for boys it can be really inspirational. There are not a lot of movies out there that let the strapping man be on the sideline. Men in our society have a, Holier than Thou, complex. In Frozen, Kristoff easily could have been like, oh I’m your boss lady now let me save you and you don’t do anything. Instead he really does let Anna save herself and is there simply to help her along the way. It’s really a great message to children of all ages and gender.

Mostly though, this is just a really sweet movie with wonderful voice actors and a musical score that will go down in history. This whole, oh it’s this and that and children are going to think this and that, is just one more thing for people to complain about to make their lives more interesting. Let kids be kids and just…

Let it Go!

Thanks for Reading Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Frozen from a Mother’s, Or Just My Non-Cynical, Perspective

  1. Seriously! Everyone reads far too much into everything these days. This is to be the last movie made about Disney princesses because of a long list of reasons that they found that these princesses are damaging our daughters. Ugh! Get a grip people. I watched Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, got spanked and told I was beautiful as a child and I turned out just fine. There is too much psychology and not enough instinct. OK enough of my rant. Anyways, good post.

    • Haha exactly. I just find it hilarious that so many people think that children watch these movies to learn how to be bad and that has nothing to do with it. They watch for entertainment and their innocent selves are more likely to find the good in it rather than the bad.

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